What are city guides

City guide: a job introduces itself

More than a job: a calling ...

City guide: Passing on knowledge and captivating your audience ...

Each city guide is unique and diverse!
Same as the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, which represent the beginning of all Burgundy wine appellations, each with its own character and identity, the training as a city guide is the basis, which the students use for their own future tours.
Not a mass product, but a colorful and diverse mix of unique people.
Your own personality can fully develop in the explanations, a wonderful feeling! Historian, architect, oenologist, actor, sometimes all personalities in one ... A city guide is the Swiss knife of culture!
A real chameleon!
The city guide adapts his speech to his audience: he knows how to attract the attention of a 7-year-old child, but also how to respond to the more demanding requirements of adults, using different topics, words and anecdotes ...
Another indispensable technical aspect is to steer a group, i.e. to move with the group, to control one's voice or to keep the group together in mostly very crowded places; these skills are just as crucial as historical knowledge.
Educational? Yes! Instinctively? Certainly! Multilingual? Often!
A guide knows everything, about everything and everywhere ...
Traveling a lot, without fixed working hours, a city guide is from the Main travel season dependent and works mainly from April to September.
But the off-season doesn't rhyme with hibernation! The knowledge must always be refreshed and the narratives renewed. City guides are bookworms and love archives, they inform themselves, search, exchange and meet people. The leadership in the different places only gets better and richer as a result.

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