How is vegan chocolate made

Vegan chocolate

Enjoy vegan chocolate without any milk, which is super delicious

As a vegan you can't even eat delicious chocolate anymore? That would be a real shame, but, like many other things, it is simply a prejudice. Because of course there is now an astonishing range of vegan chocolate in all variations on the market. And not just dark chocolate, which is naturally made without milk! For vegan chocolate, rice milk, coconut milk or another plant-based milk is used instead of cow's milk. The result can be seen and tasted.

What you should definitely know about vegan chocolate:

  1. Dark chocolate is almost always vegan, because it usually does not use milk, but sometimes clarified butter. So better look at the label!
  • When it comes to chocolate, one often suggests that it must also contain milk. But that is wrong. Generally speaking, there is no milk in chocolate - just in milk chocolate. Once you get used to the bitter taste that cocoa normally has, you may even taste the pure chocolate, i.e. without milk, better.
  • Unfortunately, vegan chocolate is currently still a bit more expensive than non-vegan ones. However, this does not apply to dark chocolate.

Chocolate for vegans - the ingredients

Which ingredients are found in vegan chocolate depends entirely on the type of chocolate. Basically there is a certain amount of cocoa in chocolate; the higher this is, the more likely it is that it is not milk chocolate but a dark chocolate variant. In addition, sugar is always used, sometimes sugar substitutes such as agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar or date syrup. Instead of cow's milk, manufacturers usually use plant-based milk. After all, the selection is large and ranges from oat milk to rice milk to coconut milk.

Vegan chocolate: the original form of chocolate

Many do not know that either: Chocolate is not vegan at all “naturally” and with milk, on the contrary. The cocoa bean was grown by the Aztecs and was then used to brew a cocoa drink. It was only drunk by the rich and the rulers and, in addition to cocoa powder, contained sugar, water and spices.

It wasn't until much later that the idea of ​​"covering" the somewhat bitter taste that a cocoa bean naturally has with milk and sugar or adapting it to the taste of the human being came up.

If you try raw cocoa beans once, you will quickly notice that the taste has little to do with what we think of as chocolate taste.

Buy vegan chocolate - what should you watch out for?

You can find the largest selection of vegan chocolate in the health food store, and sometimes in the supermarket. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you don't have one that is available in your area, you can of course also order vegan chocolate online. The selection is still greatest here.

Unfortunately, chocolate is usually still more expensive for vegans than that made with cow's milk. Why this is so is obvious. On the one hand, the market for this is significantly smaller; on the other hand, the prices for rice or coconut milk are currently significantly higher than for cow's milk. So it's not surprising that vegan chocolate is also more expensive.

If you are not sure whether the chocolate is really vegan, look for the vegan seal. If none can be found on the product, the chocolate may still be vegan. Just take a closer look at the list of ingredients. It shouldn't contain concentrated butter and milk. In case of doubt, flavors can also always be vegan.

However, if the product says “May contain traces of egg and milk”, it is very likely vegan. That means in plain language that there is no milk in it, but that the chocolate was made in a company that also processes milk. This is especially important for allergy sufferers, but for vegans it means: green light.

Vegan chocolate at the organic market

There is a lot to be said for buying chocolate in health food stores. Why? Because the product, if it is organic, is of better quality than comparatively products without an organic seal. The cultivation is usually more environmentally friendly, and fewer additives are allowed. It is understandable that this affects the price. In vegan organic chocolate, organic cane sugar or a completely different sweetener is often used instead of normal sugar. Cocoa butter is also available in high and low quality.

Vegan chocolate to drink - the much-loved cocoa

So without cocoa? Many cannot imagine that after all. But don't worry: no vegan has to do without this popular drink. Why also? On the contrary: the variety of plant milk that is now available also increases the number of options. You used to make your cocoa with cow's milk. Today you are much more flexible. Try the cocoa sometimes with coconut milk, sometimes with rice milk, sometimes with oat milk and sometimes with almond milk. You will quickly discover your personal favorite. The taste of almond in particular goes perfectly with cocoa.

You can also make vegan cocoa in different ways: either simply stir cocoa powder (without milk, of course) into hot plant milk and sweeten it as you like.

Or, and that is also a really delicious variant, you simply take a vegan chocolate of your choice and let it slowly melt in warm milk.

The same can of course also be done cold. The imagination knows no limits.

Incidentally, there is plant-based milk, which already contains cocoa, to buy in every supermarket and health food store. Oat milk with cocoa often tastes like liquid chocolate and is incredibly tasty.

Vegans do not have to go without a delicious chocolate or hot or cold cocoa!

Vegan white chocolate

Many people particularly like the sweet taste of white chocolate. Don't worry: vegans don't have to go without anything here either. Because, of course, you can now buy white vegan chocolate for a long time.

You can also make vegan white chocolate yourself - a real highlight in terms of taste. The advantage: you can put in exactly what ingredients you like.

To make vegan white chocolate yourself, you need cocoa butter, coconut oil, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar, dried berries and almond or cashew butter as required. There are numerous YouTube videos on the Internet that explain exactly what to do and what to watch out for.

Oh yes: of course you can also make dark chocolate this way, just add pure, dark cocoa powder. The delicious, homemade chocolate is ready and this variant is, especially if you use organic ingredients, certainly healthier than one or the other bought-in chocolate.

Vegan chocolate from well-known manufacturers

If food manufacturers are smart and don't miss the "trend", they also offer vegan chocolate. This has been the case at Ritter Sport for a long time, but Lindt still only has dark chocolate in its range as vegan chocolate. The vegan chocolate from Katjes is quite new on the market, which caused quite a sensation when it appeared due to advertising criticizing milk production. You won't find these types of chocolate in health food stores, but rather in normal grocery stores.

Frequently asked questions from our readers:

How does vegan chocolate taste?

Well, that is probably a matter of opinion, because, as is well known, you cannot argue about taste. But there are definitely products on the market such as Nirvana from the health food store or Vego chocolate vegan with hazelnuts, which - at least most consumers agree on this - tastes just like chocolate with cow's milk.

But there are also varieties that one or the other cannot really make friends with. But after all, that's no different with milk chocolate. So only one thing helps here: Try it through until you have found a product that you like and that tastes good.

Where can I buy vegan chocolate?

Fortunately, you can now buy vegan chocolate almost anywhere. You can find dark chocolate in every supermarket, even in discount stores. The well-known chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport also has a few vegan varieties in its range. Marzipan, for example, “happens to be” vegan, but there are also a few other types. Unfortunately, these are not available in every supermarket. If you can't find what you are looking for, you will certainly find several vegan chocolate varieties to choose from in the natural food store or at drug markets such as DM and Rossmann. These two chains have also significantly expanded their vegan range and thus also the chocolate in recent years. Veganz's delicious chocolate is partly available from Aldi, Rossmann and Edeka) and you can get ichoc from DM.

How many calories does vegan chocolate have?

Is it possible that vegan versions of chocolate are lower in calories than "normal" ones? Unfortunately, no. Because, in addition to cocoa butter, there is also sugar in vegan chocolate, otherwise it would not taste sweet, as we are used to from chocolate. A comparison of the amount of calories shows: the difference is marginal.

Vegan chocolate without sugar

Only the raw vegan chocolates, which by the way are definitely worth a try, are often less sweet or are sometimes sweetened with date syrup or birch sugar. This can have a positive effect on the amount of calories.

Is vegan chocolate healthier than milk chocolate?

In most cases - no. But chocolate isn't supposed to be healthy either, is it? After all, there is no cow's milk in it, which many consider to be unhealthy. But since cocoa beans are super healthy in themselves, actually a superfood, raw vegan chocolate types, for example, are actually very healthy, especially if they don't contain a lot of sugar.