How can someone get rid of tinnitus

5 top tips against ringing in the ears

Do you think it beeps? Then you are right here! If you suffer from tinnitus, we have the best tricks on how to turn down the uncomfortable ringing in your ears.


What is ringing in the ears?

The Latin name tinnitus stands for "ringing of the ears", meaning various noises in the ears. Ringing in the ears can be expressed, for example, by high-pitched beeps or hissing, which those affected perceive almost all the time.


Get rid of ringing in the ears - this is how it works!

With a few simple changes in your lifestyle, you can Affect ringing in the ears positively and alleviate.

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Where does ringing in the ears come from?

It's one of those days when we have too much to worry about, one annoyance follows another. And suddenly it is there: a whistling or a hissing noise in the ear that drowns out all other noises. Usually the ringing in the ears is over after a few hours or the next morning at the latest. But what if not? Then it is a clear case of tinnitus for doctors.

The most common cause of the tormenting continuous tone: insufficient blood flow to the inner ear - often triggered by stress. But other triggers are also possible for the constant ear-beating. It is all the more important that we can track down the interference fields in the ear and turn them off.

Jaw problems can "block" our ears

Doctors discovered that our teeth play the leading role in 30 percent of all noises in the ear. How can that be? The middle ear sits very close to the temporomandibular joint. If diseased teeth, incorrectly inserted or faulty prostheses lead to a misalignment between the upper and lower jaw, the affected blood vessels and nerves come under pressure. Consequence: The inner ear is no longer adequately supplied with blood.

Grinding teeth can also lead to jaw misalignments. If we suffer from ringing in the ears, we should therefore go to the dentist for an examination. If there is a misalignment, it can be corrected with the appropriate treatment (for example a bite splint).

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It is better to treat persistent ringing in the ears quickly

Although doctors may not immediately determine the cause of every tinnitus, treating it quickly is important. "Noise in the ear that lasts longer than a day is a medical emergency," emphasizes ENT doctor Prof. Dr. Matthias table. "The earlier the ringing in the ears treatment begins, the better the chances of a cure."