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Mallorca climate

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is located at the 39th parallel north in the Gulf of Valencia. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate With hot dry summers and cooler, humid winters.

The almost 1,500 meter high mountains in the northwest of the island determine the climate Serra de Tramuntana, which keeps bad weather fronts approaching from the northwest from the rest of the island. Hence the falls most rain also on the northern slopes these ridges. In the year there can be more than 1,500 millimeters of precipitation, at higher altitudes the precipitation in winter falls as snow. Beyond the Serra de Tramuntana, the annual average is significantly drier. In the south, on the other hand, there is an average of only 400 millimeters of rain.

The most rainfall falls in Mallorca in October, as special changeable and rainy applies also March. Very dry on the other hand it is in the summer of June to August, especially in July it hardly rains on the island.

The warmest months are all over the island July and August. Temperatures over thirty degrees Celsius during the day and low temperatures of almost twenty degrees Celsius at night are normal. In the south of the island, precipitation rarely falls during these months.

The coolest months are December to February. Depending on the general weather conditions, it can be quite cool in winter, but on some days it can also be very mild and pleasant. The average winter temperatures are around 15 degrees during the day and seven at night.


Weather Mallorca

Weather in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca

Weather in Mallorca: The temperatures and rainfall for Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca come from the website and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecast is updated four times a day.


Mallorca best travel time

The most popular travel time for beach holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts are the months from May to September. The temperatures are then warm in the middle of summer and the sea water warms up noticeably.

For other popular activities like Hiking or mountain biking However, the months are particularly suitable March to May. Then it is not that hot, but it is pleasantly warm.

The February is considered to be because of the almond blossom and relatively more frequent, constant periods of good weather good winter travel month. On the one hand, warm air from the Sahara can provide very mild temperatures, on the other hand cold winds from the north, Mistral or Tramontana, can cause uncomfortable cold.

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Monthly overview Mallorca

For a detailed monthly overview with numerous maps of maximum temperatures, average temperatures, night temperatures and rain on Mallorca, simply click on the desired month:

Warmest month in Mallorca: August (23.9 ° C average temperature)

Coolest month: January (9.7 ° C average temperature)

Humidest month: October (97 mm average rainfall)

Driest month: July (7mm average rainfall)


Rain animation for Mallorca


Mallorca climate table

Climate in Mallorca


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