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American Express Business Platinum Card

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


  • Promotion: 50,000 Membership Rewards points or € 200 starting bonus for new customers
  • Comprehensive insurance package
  • Increased liquidity: Extended payment terms of up to 58 days and individual credit limits
  • Free access to 1,300 airport lounges with guests
  • Participation in the Membership Rewards program
  • Annual travel credit of € 200
  • Annually € 200 Sixt Ride credit
  • Up to 100 free additional cards (for cardholders and employees)
  • Gold status in hotels such as Hilton and Radisson
  • Preferred status with car rental companies such as Sixt and Avis
  • Valet service and car rental valet service
  • Global Dining Collection
  • Cruise program
  • Banking app & Apple Pay
  • 24/7 premium customer service


  • 700 € annual fee
  • 2.5% foreign currency fee
  • 4% withdrawal fee (min. 5 €)
  • No google pay
  • Relatively high acceptance requirements

Here you can apply for the American Express Business Platinum Card

Advantages of the American Express Business Platinum Card

actionForNew customers (When applying for the American Express Business Platinum Card there is either € 200 starting credit or optionally 50,000 Membership Rewards points, depending on which of the links above is used to register.

The money or points will be credited to your card account if a turnover of € 10,000 has been made with the main card and the business additional cards within the first 3 months.)

Membership Rewards Programincluded (With the use of the card, the membership program automatically collects points with every euro, the use of additional cards brings additional bonus points. These can be redeemed online, either on rewards, flights, hotel and much more. The points can even be used to pay. There is no accumulation limit and the points do not expire. Participation in the program normally costs € 30, and is included free of charge with the Business Platinum Card.)

Tip: The so-called “points turbo” can be activated by telephone at customer service. Instead of the usual € 1 = 1 point ratio, this gives you a collection rate of 1.5 points per euro. The Turbo Points costs € 15 a year, but pays off very quickly with higher sales.

Travel credit (Each year this card gives you € 200 online travel credit for hotel or flight bookings, for example, and € 200 travel credit at Sixt Ride for limousine and chauffeur services as well as taxi rides.)

Free additional cards (In addition to the Business Platinum main card, there is an additional card for the cardholder and a normal American Express Platinum Card for private use, which normally costs € 660 alone, also including an additional card. There are also cards for employees, up to 98 Business Gold Cards are available for free.)

Comprehensive insurance package (The Amex Business Platinum Card offers a very large travel insurance package. The insurance benefits apply to both the cardholder and, if the private Platinum Card is used, for the family and employees with the additional card. In addition, the benefits apply completely regardless of the use the card and no excess.

The following insurances are included:

  • Health insurance abroad
  • Travel assistance
  • Rental car coverages, vehicle assistance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Travel cancellation and cancellation insurance
  • Travel comfort insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Private liability and legal costs insurance

A detailed overview of the services and conditions of the included insurances can be found a bit further down in this article.

Lounge access with Priority Pass (This card includes two Priority Passes, which give the cardholder and a companion free lounge access to over 1,300 airport lounges at over 500 airports in 130 countries worldwide. The same also applies to the Platinum additional card, so that a total of 4 Priority passes are included.)

Gold status in several hotels (The Platinum Business Card gives you gold status in selected hotels, with which you can enjoy some privileges and benefits, such as room upgrades or a free breakfast. Participating hotels include Hilton, Radisson or Marriott.)

Status at car rental companies (With international car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz and Sixt, cardholders receive benefits such as preferential service, discounts, upgrades and free additional drivers.)

Valet Park Service and Car Rental Valet Service(At 8 German airports, thanks to the valet service, your arrival is made very comfortable, because here your private car or rental car can be handed over directly at the terminal. The car is then parked at a discounted rate on site, even cleaned on request and at the terminal when you return handed over again.)

Global Dining Collection (With the Global Dining Collection program, cardholders can make reservations in exclusive restaurants around the world and receive additional benefits such as access to one-off events or a free aperitif in the restaurant.)

Cruise program (Holders of the Business Platinum Card also receive benefits and discounts such as cabin upgrades and on-board credit with American Express cruise partners.)

Increased liquidity (A big advantage is the increased liquidity, with which outstanding payments can be settled up to 58 days later. In addition, there is an individually adjustable credit line, which is usually very generous, so that even larger expenses can be made without problems.)

Banking app (The free Amex DE banking app enables simple account management, with which all account information and the current point balance in the Membership Rewards program can be called up at any time.)

Apple Pay (With the Amex Business Platinum Card, you can pay quickly, easily and securely with your smartphone via Apple Pay.)

24/7 customer service (The excellent telephone customer service from Amex is free of charge and available around the clock, American Express also offers a lifestyle and travel service, plus the Global-Assist service for emergencies abroad.)

High security (In addition to the continuously available customer service, high security measures are in place, such as the Chip & PIN procedure. The 3D Secure procedure also makes payments on the Internet very secure. In addition, all transactions and movements on the account are thanks to the cardholder of online banking always visible. Push notifications for suspicious transactions provide additional control. In an emergency, American Express will send you a free replacement card.)

All Amex Business Platinum Card insurances at a glance

Disadvantages of the American Express Business Platinum Card

annual fee (With 700 € the American Express Business Platinum Card initially very expensive and is by no means a bargain. However, the high price certainly justifies when looking at the very extensive extras such as lounge access, annual travel credit and free additional cards, and the increased liquidity due to the payment term of 58 days is a great advantage for companies and the self-employed. There is also an extremely extensive insurance package for travel and the private sector.)

Foreign currency fee (If the card is used to pay in a foreign currency, i.e. a currency other than the euro, there is a foreign currency fee of 2.5% of the turnover. This fee is relatively high, so that using the card abroad can quickly become expensive.)

Withdrawal fee (When withdrawing cash from the machine, there is an additional fee of 4% of the turnover, but at least € 5 per transaction, regardless of whether at home or abroad. American Express credit cards are generally not suitable for withdrawing cash.)

No google pay (So ​​far, American Express only supports Apple Pay, there is currently no cooperation with Google Play.)

Quite high acceptance requirements (Unfortunately, it is difficult to find out the exact requirements for applying for an Amex Business Platinum credit card. As with most credit cards, a credit check is carried out here too, so that a regular income or a positive BWA and positive Schufa information is necessary. Exactly Information on the required annual income cannot be found, but with an annual income of around € 60,000 the application should go smoothly. In addition, this card can of course only be applied for by companies or the self-employed, as it is a business card. Further requirements are also a Minimum age of 18 years and a company with German bank details that has been in existence for at least 3 months.)

When is the American Express Business Platinum Card worthwhile?

The American Express Business Platinum Card offers a thoroughly Attractive all-round package for companies and the self-employed. Due to the high annual fee, the purchase should of course be carefully considered. If you only use half of the included services regularly, the card is already worthwhile in our opinion, the two included lounge passes, for example, already cost almost € 800 a year if you were to buy them regularly. You should also keep in mind that the Annual fee is 100% tax deductible is.

Companies with up to 100 employees in particular benefit from the free additional cardswhich are often very expensive from other providers. If these cards are then used often, a large number of Membership Rewards points can be collected, which in turn can be used for business trips or the like. The extensive ones speak for frequent travelers Insurance services, lounge access and travel discounts and privileges with certain partners.

With frequent trips outside the EU or regular sales in foreign currencies, the use of the card can be expensive due to the foreign currency fee, so that the Business Platinum Card is not worthwhile for use on site in a non-EU country.

The American Express Business Platinum Card is particularly worthwhile for companies that regularly use the extensive additional services, mainly make sales in euros and can benefit from the included services on frequent business trips. The annual fee can also pay off quickly with high company sales, because high sales mean many bonus points.

All conditions & information at a glance


Pay and withdraw cash

Fee overview

Additional services & bonuses

  • New customer bonus:€ 200 starting credit or 50,000 Membership Rewards points with a card turnover of € 10,000 within the first 3 months
  • Membership Rewards bonus program included
  • Annually € 200 travel credit and € 200 Sixt Ride credit
  • Platinum complete package with additional cards
  • Comprehensive insurance package
  • Free access to over 1,300 airport lounges in 130 countries including guest
  • Privileges in partner hotels
  • Preferred status with leading car rental companies
  • Valet Park Service and Rental Valet Service
  • Global Dining Collection
  • Cruise program

Customer service info

  • Advising Amex Platinum Business: +49 (0)69 5880 780 – 305
  • Customer service business cards: +49 (0)69 9797 – 3939
  • Lock map: +49 (0)69 9797 – 1000

American Express Business Platinum Card in the test: compared to other credit cards

We compared the American Express Business Platinum Card with other credit cards for use in everyday work and business, here directly compared with the Miles and More Gold Card Business and the American Express Business Gold Card.

Conclusion & recommendation - experiences with the Amex Business Platinum

Yes, the American Express Business Platinum Card is coming at first glance with relatively high fees Therefore, on the one hand there is the annual fee of 700 € and on the other hand the foreign currency fee of 2.5% and the withdrawal fee of 4% and at least 5 €. While these fees are high compared to other cards, the card also offers one for cardholders and businesses Variety of exclusive services and advantagesso that the card can be worthwhile for companies and the self-employed. With every euro spent in the company, added value can be generated passively, then Membership Rewards Program, and the annual fee is also tax-deductible.

In addition, he alone can still until April 7, 2021 very attractive Welcome bonus of 100,000 membership Rewards points for Free flights in business class sufficient if they are used correctly. Added to this are € 200 travel credit and € 200 Sixt Ride credit, numerous discounts and privileges in partner hotels.

Also the Priority Pass with free lounge access with one guest to over 1,300 airport lounges at more than 500 airports in 130 countries offers a huge advantage and costs just one person a year. In addition, the holder of the free partner card can also use the lounges with a guest, so that one can a total of 4 free lounge accesses receives. An advantage that some frequent travelers particularly appreciate.

Also theextensive insurance benefitsoffer a great advantage, especially for frequent travelers, especially since they apply to other employees, regardless of whether they are cardholders of the main card or employees with an additional card. In addition insurance companies take effect even without using the card and come without excess out. This means that you are completely cared for and protected when traveling.

The American Express Business Platinum Card is worthwhile for all companies that are familiar with the many services and use them regularly, especially the numerous advantages on and for travel. With the card, both the cardholder and the company benefit from a multitude of extras, upgrades, bonuses, exclusive specials and more. This enables luxurious and comfortable travel on all levels.

Hagen Foehr

Founder at Noctua Media GmbH

The American Express Business Platinum Card is the ticket to the world of luxury travel for frequent travelers and entrepreneurs.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the American Express BusinessPlatinum Card

✅ From how much income can you get the American Express BusinessPlatinum Card apply for?

To apply for an Amex credit card, you need a regular income and positive Schufa information, but exact information on the necessary annual turnover cannot be found with American Express. On some pages the information circulates that an annual income of at least € 60,000 is necessary, but we cannot confirm without a doubt whether this is true. Further requirements are a minimum age of 18 years and a company with a German bank account that has been in existence for at least 3 months.

✅ What insurance benefits does the American Express BusinessPlatinum Card?

International travel health insurance and travel assistance, travel accident insurance, travel cancellation and interruption insurance, travel comfort insurance, luggage insurance, personal liability and legal costs insurance, rental car covers, vehicle assistance

✅ What does it cost American Express BusinessPlatinumm credit card?

The American Express Business Platinum Card costs € 700 a year. However, this includes a large number of additional cards, additional and insurance services as well as bonuses that can partially offset the price with regular use. Additional fees apply when using the device, 4% and at least € 5 for cash withdrawals, as well as a foreign currency fee of 2.5%.

✅ Can I use the American Express Business Platinum Card free of charge in the lounge at the airport?

Yes, with the American Express Business Platinum cardholders receive two Priority Passes with which they and a companion get free access to more than 1,300 lounges at over 500 airports worldwide.

✅ Does the American Express BusinessPlatinum Card a free partner card or a card for employees?

Yes. The Platinum complete package offers a variety of additional cards. In addition to the American Express Business Platinum Card main card, there is a free partner card as well as a normal American Express Platinum Card with an additional card for private use. There are also up to 98 free Business Gold Cards for employees.

✅ Does the high annual fee pay off with the American Express BusinessPlatinum Card?

Yes, on the one hand the annual fee is tax-deductible and on the other hand it not only includes a single card, but a large number of additional cards for private use and for employees.The many additional and insurance benefits also speak in favor of the American Express Business Platinum Card.

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