Are cakes actually vegetarian?

Is cake actually vegan? What does it matter?

A juicy chocolate cake can also be prepared vegan. Image:

Is cake actually vegan? For many people, this question arises especially when a vegan announces himself as a visit. Even vegan beginners may ask themselves whether they will still be able to eat cake in the future ...

In this article, we will get to the bottom of the question of when a cake is vegan and what is important.

Unfortunately, the question of whether cake is vegan cannot simply be answered with "yes" or "no". If you're a seasoned vegan, you probably already know the answer. This article is aimed in particular at beginners and people who expect vegan guests.

When is cake vegan?

Cake is mostly not vegan. The most common types of cake that are baked contain eggs and often dairy products as well. Both are animal products that are not vegan. Because with a vegan diet, animal products are rejected.

Animal products also include ingredients such as concentrated butter, milk protein and dry chicken protein, which you can find in many ready-made cakes. By the way, cocoa butter is vegan because it is the vegetable fat from cocoa beans.

Fortunately, you don't need animal products for a delicious cake. Eggs serve as a binding agent and can easily be replaced by vegetable alternatives. And nothing is easier than using plant-based milk instead of cow's milk.

Vegans reject eggs and milk because animals are killed for them too. Did you know that? Yes, calves are killed for milk too, and animals die for eggs too.

Some vegans also want to avoid animal products for reasons of environmental protection. Because around a third of all greenhouse gases come from animal husbandry around the world. Avoiding animal products is therefore an important step in the fight against the climate crisis.

Many good reasons to bake vegan cakes

For many people, health reasons also speak in favor of avoiding animal products. Chicken eggs in particular are high in cholesterol. And milk is suspected of causing skin diseases in some people. In addition, many people are lactose intolerant and cannot tolerate milk sugar.

Inspirational vegan baking books *

The good news: cakes are also easy to prepare vegan. And it's pretty easy. In the organic market there is even a nice selection of vegan baking mixes for people who are not yet very experienced in baking cakes - or who simply want to save time.

You only have to add fat and liquid (e.g. oat milk) (depending on the variety) and you have a juicy, vegan cake within 90 minutes. When shopping, make sure that the baking mix is ​​explicitly labeled as "vegan".

How does vegan cake taste?

Milk and eggs can easily be replaced with vegan ingredients. That doesn't detract from the taste. Vegan cakes can also taste great and be really juicy.
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It's not just about mimicking animal products. Rather, herbal alternative products offer the opportunity to stick to familiar habits without having to accept their disadvantages for the environment, animals and health.

By the way: Vegan cake is also lactose-free and milk protein-free at the same time. A vegan cake is also suitable if you are expecting people with a lactose or milk protein allergy.

You can also find a vegan recipe for practically every classic type of cake on the Internet - just give it a try!
If you are still looking for support, simply register for free in the vegan forum. Our vegan community welcomes you there!

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