Is Brazilian blowout bad for your hair

Brazilian blowout: how does keratin smoothing work?

Three to five hours you have to plan for keratin smoothing at the hairdresser's. First, the hairdresser washes your hair thoroughly several times to remove residues from care products such as silicone (you can also do this at home with this shampoo regularly). Then he blow-drying the hair very dry. Only then does he wear Strand by strand Apply the keratin product to the hair with a brush and comb it through with a very fine comb so that it is evenly distributed. After a certain exposure time, the hairdresser blow-drying the hair again and then straightening it strand by strand with a special straightening iron. The temperature varies between 210 and 230 degrees depending on the condition of the hair.

Keratin smoothing: which hair is it suitable for?

Good news first! It doesn't matter whether you have a natural curl, thick or fine hair, a bleached or colored head or gray hair - Keratin smoothing should be suitable for all hair. However, you should not dye or highlight your hair immediately after straightening the keratin. That would strain the hair too much. In the worst case, your hair could even break off after the combination of coloring and keratin straightening. It is best to ask your hairdresser how long you have to wait after straightening with the miracle cure keratin before you can dye your hair again. So there is no hair type for which keratin straightening is not suitable.

Keratin smoothing: what does the blowout cost?

Keratin smoothing is not exactly cheap. Keratin smoothing costs depending on the hair salon, hair length and how much hair you have between 200 and 450 euros - and if you have a lot of hair you can do threeup to five hours last. A much cheaper alternative to getting your hair straight is of course the straightening iron. This will get your hair straight, but this method is not permanent.

Keratin Smoothing: How Long Does It Last?

The keratin product washes out a little more each time you wash your hair (with this dry shampoo you only have to wash your hair 2-3 times a week). A keratin smoothing lasts between three and six months, then you have to repeat the treatment if you want to keep your hair straight. Often, however, this is not necessary: ​​a desirable side effect of the Keratin treatment it may be that your waves "hang out", that is, the frill comes back much later. So think carefully whether you want to straighten your hair permanently with keratin or if you prefer the variety and freedom of wearing your hair straight for a short time.

Keratin smoothing: does the blowout harm the hair?

Keratin smoothing only fell into disrepute a few years ago. The reason: products from Brazil and the USA contained high concentrations of formaldehyde or methylene glycol (formaldehyde gas dissolved in water). Formaldehyde fumes were released during straightening and could be inhaled by hairdressers and customers. And that can be harmful to your health, because formaldehyde is considered to be carcinogenic, can cause allergies and irritate the respiratory tract, skin and eyes.

But no worry: In the meantime, a new generation of products is on the market that is complete do without formaldehyde and DO NOT damage your hair. Our tip: Ask your hairdresser if you want to know exactly which active ingredients and ingredients are contained in the keratin product with which he would like to straighten your hair. You should only have your hair straightened by him if he can give you very precise information about the keratin straightening method.

Does keratin treatment and keratin straightening make hair thinner?

No. Neither the keratin regimen nor the keratin smoothing have an influence on the hair roots and therefore cannot change the thickness of the hair. Of course, you should continue to take care of your hair properly and have it cut regularly.

How do you care for hair after straightening keratin?

In order to get the best out of a keratin straightening for your hair, the subsequent care is essential. After straightening your hair, you should use care products for keratin-treated hair. To prevent the ends of your hair from drying out, you can treat them with argan oil. Simply put a little argan oil into your hair after straightening with the straightening iron. You should also straighten the hair yourself after the first two to three washes to increase the effect. After that, however, you have three to six months of rest!

Which shampoo can I use after the keratin treatment?

After the treatment with the keratin treatment, you can wash your hair as usual with a normal shampoo. Just make sure that your Shampoo no salt contains. This not only applies to your shampoo, but also to the conditioner and your hair treatments.

In addition to the shampoo, it is also advisable to note the list of ingredients for your styling products. Neither the shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, or hair mousse should contain silicone. Silicones make your mane difficult as they wrap around the layer of your hair. The care products also contain alcohol and perfumed fragrances that have nothing to do with care!

Keratin smoothing - experience report

Our reader Claudia tried the keratin smoothing: Claudia's hairdresser told her about the keratin smoothing and they immediately made an appointment. With her hair length, it would 280 to 320 euros costs. The application lasted three hours, was completely painless and not strenuous. Your hair was not allowed to come into contact with water for the first three days after the keratin treatment. Washing hair was taboo at first!

The result: Claudia couldn't believe her eyes her natural curl was gone. Her hair was soft and easy to comb. Claudia was Fully satisfied with the result and would recommend Keratin Smoothing. After three months her smoothing was still smooth and shiny like the first day - her hairdresser promised her that the smoothing would be done up to six months holds. Clearly: Claudia would have her hair straightened with keratin over and over again.

Buy Keratin Smoothing: Inexpensive Brazilian Blowout Treatments at Home

If you don't have 200 to 450 euros in your pocket, you can get your stressed hair back on its feet with a cheaper alternative. We have found two treatments here that have had excellent ratings on Amazon and cost no more than 20 euros.

1. Dr. Schedu keratin collagen intensive treatment for approx. 17 euros

Cheaper, but just as good? The Dr. Schedu keratin collagen intensive cure for around 17 euros is a great alternative if you don't have the money for an expensive keratin treatment at the hairdresser's. It makes your hair ultra supple and easy to comb. It protects your hair from breakage and split ends and you get an irresistible mane with a silky shine. We love it! The care formula is based on the latest scientific findings. A high proportion of collagen, collagen, aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil gives the hair lasting shine and ensures optimal moisture for the hair. Powerless and brittle hair is revitalized!

2. Keratin treatment for hair straightening and heat protection for #Geilehaare for approx. 20 euros

The Leave-In Balm from #Geilehaare for around 20 euros smooths the hair and protects it from external influences. The Made in Germany product smells as great as your hair will look after use! The hair treatment is used on heavily damaged and dull hair and against Fritz. Frizzy, unruly and stubborn hair gets on the collar with this balm, because hair damage is repaired during use and a healthy hair surface is created. A special heat protection polymer wraps around your hair like a smooth protective shield. The perfect UV protection and heat protection for your hair (up to 230 degrees)! Ideal if you use the straightening iron more often. Your strengthened hair thus offers less contact surface for influences that could lead to hair breakage. The result: Up to 80% less hair breakage!

What do you have to consider when taking a keratin treatment at home?

There are a few things you should definitely keep in mind during your home treatment.

  • Wash hair with shampoo: Your hair should be completely cleaned before the keratin treatment. A special cleaning shampoo removes all styling residues and cleans your hair.
  • Blow-dry hair: Blow dry your hair carefully. Your mane should be blown dry for the treatment.
  • Apply keratin solution: After you've blow-dried your hair, you're good to go. The treatment starts with the keratin solution, which is carefully applied hair strand by strand.
  • Comb through strands of hair: Make sure that the keratin treatment is well distributed in each strand of hair and gently comb through each strand.
  • Adhere to the exposure time: In order for the treatment to work properly and the result to be satisfactory, you should definitely take the exposure time into account. The cure should have enough time to work properly on the cuticle.
  • Using the straightener correctly: Now it goes to the straightening iron. The right temperature is crucial here.
  • Consider hair structure: Depending on the type of hair, you may have to straighten your hair several times. The hair can be straightened up to five times so that the hair is finally sealed.
  • Do not wash hair: You should let your hair rest for about three days. It is forbidden to wash your hair, as well as to do your hair and tie it up. Your hair is now in the resting phase so that the keratin treatment can develop its full effect and durability.

Tannin Smoothing: What is the Difference to Keratin Smoothing?

Tannin smoothing untangles the hair naturally and gives it a direction. Fir is made from grapes and is therefore a purely natural product for permanent hair straightening. Tannin also needs warmth to work, then the hair is put into the desired shape, this can be glass or curly. With fir smoothing, the hair structure is smoothed, usually in order to be able to style it more flexibly.

With keratin smoothing, on the other hand, the keratin is obtained from sheep's wool and then incorporated with heat. In this step the keratin becomes liquid and settles on and in the natural hair structure. Both smoothers are not chemical smoothers. The tannin smoothing is even 100% vegan.

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