Alexa is the killer for Google Search Ads

OK Google: How do digital voice assistants help me with marketing?

Skills and Actions - bridges between language assistants and marketers

What the company app in the smartphone does is basically the functional principle of so-called skills and actions that companies develop so that voice assistants are able to establish a meaningful conversation between the service or product and the customer. Brands like Uber (expected) for driving services and Philips for lighting systems, and in Germany also the taxi broker Mytaxi are pioneers in this regard. The analog working method of skill and app (with Mytaxi for Alexa, iOS and Android) can be clearly shown in this example - how the Alexa skill store in general gives an impression of the breadth of the available skills.

The possibilities of direct marketing are currently quite different depending on the platform and are only just beginning to be developed in German-speaking countries. But there are already interesting fields of application, e.g. B. as a customer advisor on site in the shop: “Where can you get oversized shoes?” - “With the escalator to the 1st floor, immediately on the right. We have matching socks right next to it today in a special offer. "

Up until now, the development of skills and actions has been strictly tied to the interfaces and standards of the providers and is therefore quite time-consuming, especially for companies without their own experienced developers. In the meantime, however, developers such as Jovo are already establishing themselves, who provide a kind of universal code for various platforms with which skills and actions can be created - in addition to the in-house developer tools from Amazon (Alexa), Apple (SiriKit), Google (Assistant) and Microsoft (Cortana). The basics of skills programming - using the example of Alexa - were last explained in ix magazine.

Conclusion: let us hear from you!

The wave of marketing with intelligent voice assistants - if it becomes a wave - is only just getting started. And as with every new online marketing channel, the first question that arises is whether one more leg will be an enrichment or a capacity killer for the marketing mix. What is certain is that the previously almost exclusively acoustic medium requires special strategies and a sophisticated linguistic design. However, this is an interesting option for offers that can be easily conveyed verbally.

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