Have you been bitten by a pike?

Fishing in Holland around Roermond

  • Yannik987

    Hello everyone, we wanted to go on a day trip to Roermond on Sunday.
    The target fish is pikeperch and pike!
    Do you have tipps for me? I would be grateful to you! LG Yannik

    03.12.20 14:200
  • TiTo

    the best tip I can give you is this.
    Look at Google Maps for beautiful spots, if they are easy to reach by car then forget about them again. Unfortunately, all hell is going on in Roermond at the weekend, so I'm actually only out there during the week.
    The usual tip for pikeperch is to try before sunrise and after sunset. At the moment the water is very clear.

    03.12.20 15:191
  • Jan 1109

    If you feel like perch too, I can recommend bait and assembly. I wanted to go on the weekend too, but don't know exactly where on the Maas.

    03.12.20 19:500
  • Yannik987

    Yes gladly! I am open to everything💪

    03.12.20 20:090
  • Yannik987

    Maastricht would be a better choice, we also wanted to go polder fishing

    03.12.20 20:110
  • Jan 1109

    The last few weeks I've had good success with the Carolina rig and a keitech custom leech as bait. Other worm imitations are sure to work too.

    03.12.20 20:120
  • Yannik987

    Can you give me a tip about where? I've never been there

    03.12.20 20:130
  • Jan 1109

    Preferably in the Maasplassen, because the fish move in there in winter. I caught the best at the last landing stage in Zuidplas.

    03.12.20 20:190
  • Jan 1109

    I used a 14 gram bullet to get out nicely.

    03.12.20 20:210
  • Yannik987

    Ok, super thank you, then we'll try our luck.

    04.12.20 13:290
  • Unknown

    Hi Yannik,
    Unfortunately, I see your contribution late, but I still wanted to ask how your yield was?
    Otherwise I would have said drive a few kilometers further into NL. You don't have such a fishing pressure;)

    10.12.20 00:390
  • Yannik987

    So it was all super difficult, the water mega clear, a lot of things fenced off, the jetty where @ Jan1109 said we were sent away. And a pike in 40cm😂 has bitten

    Where would you recommend going to me?

    10.12.20 04:370
  • Jan 1109

    Who would you be sent away by?

    10.12.20 06:240