What's your favorite movie book


Christoph Muehlbauer

Short profile:

Surname: Gregor Zach

Stages): WiWö, GuSp

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spam bots! To display JavaScript must be turned on!

Telephone number (head contact persons in the levels): Ask ;)

Nickname / Jungle Name: Louie

When do you give up before your birthday? 28.10.

Education (ES, GS, MS, instructor, ...)WiWö instructor

And now to the 15 stupid questions:

  1. Please complete this sentence: I am a Boy Scout because ...

I can do it

  1. How long have you been with the Boy Scouts?

little more than 10 years

  1. Which camp was by far the best?


  1. You are at summer camp and you have the free choice to take three things out of your backpack before your backpack turns into glowing cow dung: What three things would that be? The backpack is of course outside and far away from the tent at this point.

3 pairs of shoes

  1. The absolute best / coolest thing about a warehouse is?


  1. What are your positive qualities?

My negatives

  1. Which question comes up now is probably clear: Which are your negative traits? (and everyone has some ;-))

    My positives
  1. Which is THE camp food for you?

Clearly vanilla ice cream (or not)

  1. Well, while we're on the subject of food: do you like vanilla ice cream?

Depends on…

  1. Your favorite film / book is ..

Of course, Scouting for Boys from BiPi!

  1. Your favorite song (a boy scout song is also possible)?

From berets

  1. Which quote would you pass on to others?

Faster gripping!

  1. What is your opinion on this profile / interview?

D rather not…

  1. Ah, I almost forgot to ask what hobbies do you have? How could I…

Football games, cycling, meeting friends, going to the cinema…. Oops is not a friends book ...

  1. Finally: What do scouts mean to you in three words?

To be there. (Count less too?)