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Stopping Hair Loss - 3 Ways - Nofap

How did that happen ?! Do you think. The hairdresser replies, that is quite normal….

Well, pretty much exactly how it happened to me. My male ancestors all had typical hair loss from around the age of 25. My father was always joking because I was so proud of my head of hair that I believed it would last forever. I can still hear him saying "enjoy yourself as long as you can" and "with your age my hair still looked that way".

Fast Forward to Today:

Today I at least know what the causes of this hair loss are. And there are various ways of preventing, reducing and even combating these causes.

The cause is called DHT. Dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone is responsible for a large part of hair growth, but has the opposite effect on the main hair. That is, while your head hair is getting less, your body hair is getting more.

DHT binds to the same receptors in the body as testosterone, but faster and stays longer.

This hormone is a sex hormone and is crucial for the development of the penis and testicles in a man's development phase.

In the further course of life, if there is too much in the blood, it has negative effects for many men. Among other things, it is associated with an enlarged prostate, cancer, hair loss.

Of course, genetics also play a crucial role in this and for some men it does absolutely nothing and some get hair loss.


Why does hair loss occur?

The DHT docks to the receptors around the hair roots in increasing numbers. Why exactly the hair follicles shrink and wither is not entirely clear. It is suspected that it is due to the lack of blood circulation and thus to the mineral and oxygen deficiency. This then leads to the atrophy of the hair roots and hair loss.

All beard lovers, on the other hand, will be happy, DHT promotes hair growth on the rest of the body, so it also ensures a full beard.

It should also be mentioned that not all DHT is bad, it is even more potent than testosterone, it is an androgenic hormone, which means something like male hormone and has similar properties. Deep voice, muscle growth, etc.


What can you do about too much DHT on the hair roots?

DHT is converted from testosterone in the body, which means that testosterone becomes DHT. There is a study that has shown that orgasm frequency is related to the formation or conversion of testosterone into DHT. That said, the more orgasms you have, the more DHT becomes from testosterone.

Which is not bad in principle, the only problem with it is that it can cause hair to fall out.


3 easy ways to prevent hair loss:


  1. Nofap.

    If you stop masturbating, your overall number of orgasms will likely decrease as well. It is also interesting that during unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman, the conversion of testosterone into DHT takes place differently and the DHT level is not increased.

  2. Massage the scalp.

    To promote blood circulation, you can gently massage your scalp with a hairbrush. Or do you know those rods with the long wires on them that feel so crazy when someone else does it? That works too. And also reduces stress.

  3. Green tea.

    It has been proven that green tea can effectively block DHT and thus lead to longer periods of hair growth.