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We asked dozens of passers-by what nasty pranks they played on their teachers. The answer was usually: "We were really good, BUT once ..." and then they could hardly stop talking. We have rounded up the eight most amusing stories.

Roman, 26, and the bravo nudes

“In the past, apart from the Dr. Summer, also a page with pictures of readers who were photographed naked for the magazine.

One day my friend - I don't know why - took a copy with him to school. So we came up with the great idea of ​​tearing out the naked side and placing it on our teacher's desk during the break.

When he came back and discovered the nude pictures on his desk, his face went bright red. Without saying anything, he crumpled up the scraps of paper and threw them in the trash can. We could hardly contain ourselves laughing. "

Nils, 27 and the fooling teacher

“The annual visiting day was coming up. Of course, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to play a prank on our teacher that day. After much deliberation, THE idea came to mind.

We organized a whoopee pillow and put it on our teacher's chair. But we didn't do that until after the long break, so that as many parents as possible could hear the fist.

Unfortunately it was way too loud in the room and you could hardly hear it. Even the teacher did not notice it. "

Lucy, 18 and the ringtone concert

«Pip Pip, Ding Dong, Bom Bom, Klingeling - when we wanted to annoy our substitute teacher, we all had a different ring tone on our cell phones.

She got so angry that she disappeared from the room without saying anything and came back with someone from the school administration. From that day on we had to hand in our cell phones before class. "

Johanna, 41 and the "time change"

«I grew up in a small village and went to a small school. To our advantage there was no school bell there.

Because we all hated math incredibly, we made a plan so we could go home early.

We only had one problem: we had to spend the breaks in the fresh air. So someone had to sneak into the room during the break and set the clock back.

The plan actually worked and we had to calculate 15 minutes less. "

Nils, 24 and the damp t-shirt

«We sat in school and got the division for the groups on the sports day. Our teacher divided me and my best friend into different groups so that we couldn't make any nonsense.

We were angry and thought of a prank. On the day in question we sneaked into the teacher's changing room and put our teacher's sports shirt in the washbasin, which was filled with water.

Fortunately, the other teachers were able to lend him a T-shirt. He was very angry all day, but couldn't suspect anyone. "

Michelle, 20 and the wrong benches

«We had all turned our desks so that we were sitting with our backs to the blackboard. We sat nicely on our chairs before class and thought it was incredibly funny when the teacher came into the room and only saw our backs.

He pretended there was nothing and just started teaching at the blackboard, which made the whole thing even more fun. "

Kim, 28 and the annoying noises

«We once drove our teacher crazy for an entire hour with humming noises.

She kept asking: 'Do you hear that sound? Is that the air conditioner? Where does this hum come from? ›»

Leo, 23 and the stink bombs

“In high school I once crushed A WHOLE pack of stink bombs to annoy the teacher and classmates with the terrible smell.

But the plan backfired. It smelled so bad that I had to leave the room immediately and couldn't even enjoy the grimace of the others.

As a punishment, I had to write an essay about the incident and have my parents sign it. "

These fun teachers know exactly how to treat their students

Do you still know these 10 situations from your school days?

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