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VALID FROM AUGUST 31, 2012 TO APRIL 30, 2013

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Books for children / art therapy


Children's painting school

- To paint

like the big ones

Quadratologo - the creative painting experience

From Manuel Franke. 64 pages, with many colored illustrations. Format 22 cm x

22 cm. Hardcover.

Square, practical, picturesque. QUADRATOLOGO ® is a unique one

Painting system for an easy introduction to painting. One divided into small squares

Canvas and bright, coordinated colors are those

Basic elements for the pure joy of creative activity. Also ideal for communal activities

Painting, in therapy and for the early promotion of fine motor skills and

visual perception.

Order no. 99-93578 € gross 13.40

By Ruth Wagner-Weber. 64

Pages with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 21.5 cm

x 28.5 cm. Hardcover.

Every child can paint with watercolors 'like the grown-ups' and have great effects in

Achieve image. In a playful way and in an easy to understand way

Step-by-step instructions, the author shows how beautiful, realistic

Motifs arise. The exercise pictures can be easily used by elementary school children

implement and manage based on a detailed explanation of color, water

and brushwork into basic watercolor painting techniques. In addition to the

Promotion of motor and cognitive skills is achieved through the

Observation and concentration on the realistic representation of a subject

Perception of the child trained.

Order no. 99-93600 € gross 13.40

Adventure color

128 pages. With many colored illustrations. format

21 cm x 28 cm. Hardcover.

This book turns everything you think about on its head

Colors know. Aha, you know yourself with watercolor

off - but have you ever used frozen colors

painted? Or run over your sheet? Or a

Made a moss tattoo? Every technique is done first by

Explained step-by-step, so that you can soon

Colored pencils, watercolor, pastel chalks and wax pencil

master perfectly. Then a kamikaz project follows,

that you use color crazy for. In this

Book is splashed, clapped, rubbed, with

Blindfolded or bound fingers

Painted pens.

Order no. 99-93594 € gross 15.50

Art lab for kids

By Susan Schwacke. 144 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 22 cm x 22 cm. Hardcover.

The art laboratory for and with children is a

inspirational instruction book to get around with kids all

Age groups to become artistically active. Regardless of whether

they experiment independently or under supervision,

Enjoyment of the creation process and impressive

Results are guaranteed. Numerous photos

and detailed instructions show how to do it. In 52

There are numerous ideas in creative projects

about drawing, painting, printing and handicrafts. There

true works of art are created and incidentally experiences

there is also something about art history:

Each exercise is based on the work of a contemporary

Artist. All projects can be explored multiple times

and be developed - with always new ones

Results. The book is an inexhaustible one

Source of inspiration that can help that

artistic development of children playfully too


Order no. 99-93608 € gross 20.50

365 things

Paper and cardboard

By Fiona Watt. 128 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 25 cm x 27.7 cm. Hardcover with

concealed spiral binding.

Paper and cardboard are great materials for handicrafts

for children: Do you feel like cutting again?

glue or paint? How about a city

made of cardboard, fantastic insects made of chocolate paper,

a hamburger and fries collage

or a spider picture in 3D? In this book you can find

you 365 funny, artistic and original

Craft ideas that are fun. With cardboard and

Make cardboard boxes - ideas for every day of the year!

Order no. 99-93613 € gross 20.60

2 new books for your art

Valid from August 31, 2012 to April 30, 2013

Make a mark

in the picture

From Doritz Titze. 352 pages, approx. 270

Illustrations, format 24 cm x 20 cm.

Brochure with flaps.

The publication »Setting Signs in

Image «from the series» The art of

Art Therapy «examines interdisciplinary

the power of internal and external

Images as well as the meaning and

Intertwining of signs, language and

Image in an art therapy context.

The text contributions were designated by

Experts written and

include images and

Image reviews on works of well-known names


Order no. 99-93619 € gross 29.90

Make a mark

in the picture

By Doris Titze, Thomas Hellinger. 128

Pages, approx. 184 illustrations. format

24 cm x 20 cm. Brochure with flaps.

The publication »Setting Signs in

Image «from the series» The art of

Art Therapy «examines interdisciplinary

the power of internal and external

Images as well as the meaning and

Intertwining of signs, language and

Image in an art therapy context.

The exhibition catalog represents

the thematic references artistic.

The text contributions were designated by

Experts written and

contain pictures and picture reviews

to works of well-known


Order no. 99-93620 € gross 17.50


and creative


By Thomas Thürk. 192 pages, many

colored illustrations. Format 16 cm x

23 cm. Brochure with flaps.

In occupational therapy are artisanal

and design techniques are important

therapeutic agent to

Patients in the rehabilitation process too

support and so to their greatest possible

Contributing to independence. In

this book describes how that

DOING affects human development

and what impact

illness-related restrictions

can have on everyday life. All

important points for the use of craftsmanship

and design techniques are summarized. It is shown

which materials can be used for therapeutic work,

which properties they have, for which activities or purposes

they are suitable, which tools and aids for the

Processing of the materials are required and what relevance this is for the

Choice of bet has. An understandably written reference work and

Interesting not only for the occupational therapy department, but also for others

Professional groups such as special educators, curative educators, psychologists, home carers

and other therapeutic professions.

Order no. 99-97361 € gross 20.60

The subjective factor

By Christoph Noebel. 288 pages. Format 14.8 cm x

21 cm. Soft cover.

What is art What is good art? who decides

about the meaning, nature and quality of art? On

what basics are quality judgments based on

Art? What is the meaning of art in the

Society? How is the art business structured?

What is the position of the art market and what it offers

he standards for quality? What areas of responsibility

fall to the public institutions: act the

Contemporary, effective and sustainable cultural policy?

The book takes up these questions and examines them

in an original way. It presents some provocative ones

Theses that are constructive to the debates

contribute about art, economics and politics.

Order no. 99-93592 € gross 20.10

Creative design

with seniors

From Katja Koch. 144 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 20 cm x 26 cm. Hardcover.

Over 50 suggestions for creative activity

and promoting the elderly. For everyday companions,

Relatives and carers. Ideas that are very easy

and can be implemented with little preparation.

With numerous ideas for groups. Suitable for

Senior groups, retirement homes & private households.

This book also includes activation ideas and

therapeutic advice. With templates in the book.

Order no. 99-93503 € gross 15.50

Mona Lisa - Take a look:


From Patricia Geis. 16 cardboard pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 21.5 cm x 30.2 cm. Hardcover.

Do you want to become an art expert? Then dive

one into the world of Leonardo da Vinci and into being

most famous work the Mona Lisa. Behind many

You discover flaps and mysterious letters

why the picture is world famous. And then you are

on it! Draw a picture yourself and place it in that

Picture frame of the Mona Lisa on! Join in and

become an art expert!

Order no. 99-93611 € gross 18.50


Art in general

Paper -

White magic

From Lothar Müller. 384 pages, with

many illustrations. Format 14 cm

x 21 cm. Hardcover.

You can print on it and

write, you can tear it up,

Crease and fold: paper is one

magical substance that like no

others to develop the modern

World has contributed. As

It was bills of exchange and paper money

indispensable for the economy.

As stationery it became

Scene of the modern soul,

as newspaper to the scene

politics. Lothar Müller tells

like the one from China

Paper from Egypt to Europe

came and to the basic material of the modern

Civilization became. His

The main witness is the literature by Rabelais and Grimmelshausen, by James Joyce

to Paul Valéry. We believe we know the "Gutenberg Age". But we understand

it is better if we discover its background world: the epoch of


Order no. 99-93556 € gross 25.60

Workshop art

From Hajo Düchting. 152 pages,

with 75 colored illustrations.

Format 21 cm x 27 cm. Hardcover.

The comprehensive and richly illustrated

Handbook to artistic

Techniques and painting materials

is with numerous

Examples equipped and

presents works from antiquity to

in the present. The band

combines basic theoretical knowledge

and detailed practical instructions. Why is the "Mona Lisa" smiling? How

For a long time has you obtained colorants from mummy parts? How is an artistic

Handwriting? The book provides information and explores the effects of well-known people

Works of art and illuminates how they were made. Using paintings

of all epochs is the spectrum of techniques, image carriers, colors and tools

illustrated. Detailed recordings document "traces of the work" that are just as much

can reveal about the authors like the pictures themselves. The band grants one

Look into artist studios, reveals the mysteries of painting and offers creative

Instructions for your own practice.

Order no. 99-93551 € gross 30.80

In the event of price changes on the part of the publisher

during the period of validity of this

We are catalog by notarial obligation

forced to the factory price too

to calculate. We ask for your understanding!

About art, successful

Study painting

By Ute Wöllmann. 136 pages with 33 color illustrations.

Format 17 cm x 24 cm. Hardcover.

What do I have to consider when studying painting?

would like to? This book is a decision-making aid and

Advice at the same time - especially for those who

want to start studying later in life.

The author explains entertaining, practical and with

many examples of how best to do this

can succeed. The following topics are described:

Break away from pure self-study. The

Acquire the basics. Actively prepare the portfolio.

Apply to a school. A recognizable one

develop an authentic point of view.

Dare the lateral entry and master it successfully.

Become familiar with the rules of the art market.

Exhibiting while studying. Contacts too

Create galleries. Document images. Prices

assess and shape. What is good teaching? Left

and mailing lists for finding scholarships,

Funding, prizes and training.

Order no. 99-93614 € gross 30.80


Adventure travel painting

By Mati Rose McDonough. 128 pages, with many

colored illustrations. Format 22 cm x 26 cm.


The passionate artist and author will abduct you

on a wonderful adventure trip to the land of

Painting. To get inspiration and creativity

is like an exciting treasure hunt with this book.

You learn to playfully and freely with colors and mixed

Media techniques deal with and apparently build

her talent on the side. Available from October 2012!

Order no. 99-93492 € gross 17.40

Limitlessly creative

From Jenny Doh. 120 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 22 cm x 26 cm. Paperback.

Come with me and be very special with 14

Take artists on creative short trips!

You get an insight into exciting projects

and different ways of working and experienced

in addition, interesting facts about the respectively used

Technology - whether in painting, drawing or handicrafts.

Exclusive snapshots from the lives of talented people

Artists like Cala Sonheim, Alisa

Burke and Jenny Doh show their artistic

Retreats. Available from September 2012!

Order no. 99-93493 € gross 15.40

Valid from August 31, 2012 to April 30, 2013

The figure

of the human

Is that art?

From Jacky and Suzy Klein. 64 pages, with 120 color illustrations. Hardcover.

This children's art book is awesome! No canon of the most famous images in the world

no boring masterwork stories that one should know. No,

finally a school of vision that does all the art - in which one is oneself in part

wonders why it actually counts - explained quite simply. Sculptures that

be formed from real people? Art with doubling? All in white?

The common denominator of the presented works is the surprise. And now

thus this book trains the gaze and curiosity, the sight in equal measure

and understanding. The works presented all come from the Museum of

Modern Art in New York - the most important art collection of the 20th century.

This band gives a sympathetic insight into this wonderful one at the same time

Collection and a whole new look at it. Available from October 2012!

Order no. 99-93535 € gross 20.60

By Gottfried Bammes.

506 pages, with approx. 550

Images. Format 20.5

cm x 29 cm. Hardcover.


human figure in

Focus artistic

Interest. Bammes ‘

internationally recognized

Standard work and textbook

to the artist anatomy

unites scientific

Information with practical

Instructions for their design. The author describes the

Changes in the history of artist anatomy as well as its influence on the

Development of three-dimensional conceptions of the body in art. The human

Proportions, the body expression as well as the static and dynamic ones

Regularities for posture and movement form thematic focal points.

Order no. 99-95480 € gross 81.30

Imagery and composition in art

Nobody sees that ...

By Thomas R. Hoffmann. 64 pages, with 28 color illustrations. Format 21 cm

x 21 cm. Hardcover.

The painting "Goethe in the Campagna" by J.H.W. Table leg shines in motif

and design perfectly thought out. However, if the viewer looks at the picture

longer, he will find that Goethe has two left feet ...! The

However, this does not disturb the overall impression of Tischbein's best-known work,

after all, it hangs in a prominent position in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. error

and errors in art often go unnoticed by the viewer, some are disturbing,

other mistakes are skillful and wanted by the artist. Go with humor and wit

Thomas R. Hoffmann "Art-Mistakes" since the Renaissance until today little by little

shows that even in art not everything is always perfect.

Order no. 99-93496 € gross 17.50

From Andreas Christ. 223 pages with many colored illustrations, format 23 cm x

29 cm. Hardcover.

Imagery and composition in art were and are multi-layered

Influences - also regional ones - subject to constant change. Ornate

Representations were instruments of magic in prehistoric times. Later

were in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean the influences of

Religion and politics are decisive. To the present shaped social

Being aware of cultural thinking and also economic awareness that

Development of all of the fine arts. That has in the respective time streams

to exciting arguments about the preferred motifs and their

artistic implementation. With over 400 images, imagery,

Analysis of composition, color and shape in the context of contemporary history. A

Kaleidoscope of art that gives a special insight into its development


Order no. 99-93616 € gross 41.10


General art / color theory

Max Dörner:

Painting material

By Max Doerner. 464 pages,

with 192 b / w and 84 colored ones

Illustrations. Format 19 cm x 27


This standard work on

Painting technique is called the Fachund

Textbook for painters since

Decades of experts continuously

supervised and reworked.

It's in multiple languages

translated and always to be found there,

where painting techniques are taught

and be learned or where

is just painted. Next

are classic painting materials

the latest paints, pigments, mediums and binders by origin and

History listed, as well as the painting equipment and painting grounds, such as papers,

Canvas, wood or lime plastered walls. Special topics like

Health protection, light fastness test, wool scale and related

Designations are dealt with in separate sections. The range of

Topics ranges from the ancient painting techniques, the tempera painting of the

Middle Ages and early oil painting to the most recent paint colors, the

Acrylic colors and alkyd resin mediums. An explanatory appendix with additional

Illustrate literature references, color tables and more than 250 illustrations

the explanations about the use and production of paints, that

Priming of canvases, the manufacture of brushes, manual and industrial

Production of painting paper as well as generally the theory and practice of various

Painting process.

Order no. 99-94641 € gross 51.30


and techniques

the painting

From Kurt Wehlte. 620 pages,

with 348 b / w and 94 colored ones

Illustrations. Format 17 cm x

23.5 cm. Hardcover.

The proven standard work

for artists, art historians, students, restorers, art educators,

University professors and craftsmen is now being revised and updated

Form submitted. Especially the sections on the technological basics

of painting have been brought up to date with the latest research and development.

The content is also more harmful to health from the point of view of use

Means corrected and clearly indicated appropriate protective measures

been pointed out; Recipes and additives have been revised

Names of resources and materials added. Likewise received the

Marginal column a series of additional information. Of particular note

is the resumption and complete revision of the panel part that facilitates

finally, finding the addresses necessary to procure painting material

and painting supplies.

Order no. 99-95869 € gross 51.30

Parcours - start-ups for designers

From Sophia Muckle. 288 pages, with enclosed folding plan. Format 17 cm x 24 cm.


If you no longer dream of self-employment, lay the foundation for yourself

Your own agency! With this book you will confidently overcome the hurdles of the

Way to self-determined free work! It was created where the

Ask questions about independence. In the context of training and studies.

It is based on the many questions of young professionals, not on the pride of those

who know everything (better). It contains valuable hints, tips, and tricks

Checklists of those who, little before you, dared to take the decisive step with success

to have. With valuable tips from acquisition to calculation, law and

Taxes to insurance and cooperation.

Order no. 99-93554 € 36.00 gross

Living from art - marketing for creative people


By David Lindner. 304 pages, format 15 cm x 21 cm, hardcover.

The new non-fiction book by David Lindner shows ways of making a living from art

can. His comprehensive and practical guide is for all creative people (painters,

Writers, photographers, designers, filmmakers etc.) thought about their

Want to put art on its own feet. The author goes - as usual -

much deeper than just providing pure information: it creates a holistic one

Access to the subject of "Living from Art" and motivates on its inspiring

Art goes beyond the countless practical tips for “tough business life”

to perceive the topic of "art" in a new way.

Order no. 99-96237 € gross 18.50

6 new books for your art

Valid from August 31, 2012 to April 30, 2013

The color words


Color and light

By Ulrich Bachmann. 160

Pages with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 21 cm x

28 cm. Hardcover.

Color and light belong together.

And yet there is

hardly any color theory which

the mutual complexes

Dependence on color and

Light in a direct and

thematize sensual access.

The book starts here and

linked in practical

Examples and theoretical analysis of the interactions between

material colors and light as well as between dynamic light situations in

spatial and virtual contexts. The materials in the book are made interactive through

Tools extended to the immediate creative and experimental

Encourage dealing with phenomena of color and light. Extensive photo and

Video documentation of experiments based on room installations or

Models and a color-light compendium are offered by teachers, students and

for all those interested in color a wide range of suggestions for design practice.

Order no. 99-93552 € 72.00 gross

Language of images

From Axel Venn and

Janina Venn-Rosky. 864

Pages with many colored ones


Format 24 cm x 26 cm.


Green is the hope,

red love ... we all

know the usual

Color assignments, yes

can actually be a term

about a single

Expressed color

become? This

Work gives the known

Rules of color theory add a new dimension. Have more than 60 subjects

For this purpose 360 ​​adjectives mood pictures made by the author

were then assigned to the RAL DESIGN system. The span of the

Adjectives range from comfortable to uncomfortable, from heavenly to useful,

from noble to worthless or from trendy to archaic. Each color scale created in this way

shows to what extent colors are an instrument of expression or language

can and proves that not one color alone can describe a term,

but only the right composition of the colors achieves the desired effect.

42 expressive collages on selected terms illustrate the assigned terms

Color effects in use. A book that has a unique,

offers an exciting overview of the fascinating world of colors.

Order no. 99-93574 € 143.00 gross

By Guschti Meyer. 400 pages, with 372 colored ones

and 229 b / w illustrations. Format 21 cm x

27 cm. Brochure with flaps.

How can we understand a picture when we

nothing about the artist or the time of creation

know the work? Painting makes use of it

a language that can be read and understood

can. Understanding this imagery is

especially necessary to have access to

to preserve modern works. Nobody has to

standing helplessly in front of an abstract painting today:

About looking at color, shape and

Composition you can understand its message.

So this is not dry theory

remains, the author carries over 300 colored ones

Examples of images.

Order no. 99-93577 € gross 41.10

What colors say

From Isabelle Wolf. 288 pages, format 12.5 cm x

18.3 cm. Paperback.

We are surrounded by millions every day

Colours. And each has a different effect on us. Man

just think of the almost magical radiance of

deep blue or uncompromising directness

of clear red. But what is the essence of the

different colors from and how can you get one

Develop a feeling for it? The author brings

the reader the character of the individual colors

closer and not only teaches him to understand her,

but also to use skillfully. One has

once the quality of a color has been recorded, it can

you can also use appropriate materials

and reproduce shapes. The practical one

Application in the areas of interior design

and fashion as well as clear tables for

"Translate" the most important colors

the book off.

Order no. 99-93555 € gross 9.30

Color knowledge


From Brigitte Wald -

schmidt. 64 pages,

with many

colored illustrations.


21.5 cm x 28.5 cm.


In her book, the author explains the necessary basic knowledge about

Color and color composition theme. To the quality and the

Correctly assess the components of a color and thus adjust them

To be able to do is have a profound knowledge of the color contrasts and

the interaction of the colors is required. Building on a

It gives practical instructions with clearly explained color theory

for the targeted mixing of colors and the conscious

Color composition in advance of the actual image system. you

explains by means of numerous picture examples how the

Combination of individual colors into a harmonious one

The whole thing succeeds and shows how you can color concepts for your own

can derive artistic forms. Color stenograms and

Color strips can be used as the basis for a successful image and

Color composition can be used. Following this will be

the recognized color harmonies to coherent works of art with sustainable

Expressiveness implemented. This book is a practical one

Reference book on the subject of color for all painting techniques,

be it in watercolor, gouache, oil or acrylic.

Order no. 99-93545 € gross 17.50


To draw

Against the grain

From Gecko Keck. 144 pages, with many colored illustrations,

Format 22 cm x 23 cm. Soft cover.

Creative impulses, inspiration and spontaneity are the trigger for in this book

the design! Everything is possible and nothing is wrong. The creative experiment

is in the foreground and the results are surprising. Lightning sketches or

Blind drawings are easy for beginners too

livelier and often more meaningful than a fully elaborated drawing. At the

At the end of each chapter you learned a lot about the drawing process and one

Inspiration Wall offers more ideas. Once you have started, it arises

immediately a multitude of new ideas from it, because the line is alive and the avalanche of symbols

can then no longer be stopped! Learn to draw in a different way - this one

Drawing class has a refreshingly different approach that you are going to like.

Order no. 99-93655 € gross 15.50

Draw - every day

By Veronica Lawlor. 128 pages, with many colored illustrations,

Format 21.6 cm x 22.9 cm. Softcover with flaps.

42 drawing exercises for every day: That makes a 6-week workout full

Impulses and inspirations. Everyone who increases your creativity, your artistic

This book will help you develop your skills and learn to draw properly

love! Eight professional illustrators reveal how they keep their work fresh and lively

hold. They give tips for creative drawing at home and working on the go.

The materials used are pencil, ink, watercolor, graphite,

Charcoal, colored pencils, pastels and oil pastels.

Order no. 99-93653 € gross 15.50

coloring book

By Hervé Tullet. 208 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 23 cm x 29 cm. Paperback.

This spectacular coloring book with the unmistakable

Title waits on every page with inspiring

Coloring pages on. Anyone who likes with colors

experiments, is invited to let off steam.

Children become creative in their imagination and

Thinking stimulated and encouraged in a playful way. Never

coloring was so much fun! Imaginative,

creative and intelligent!

Order no. 99-93489 € gross 12.40


Painting for creative kids

From Christine Bietz. 80 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 26.8 cm x 29.4 cm. Hardcover.

With brush and paint box.

This book contains over 60 ideas for painting.

Brush and opaque paint box are for immediate

Get started right away. Additions with checked

Quality standards. Step photos and step-by-

Step-by-step instructions lead to success with ease.

Order no. 99-93502 € gross 15.50

In the event of price changes on the part of the publisher

during the period of validity of this

We are catalog by notarial obligation

forced to the factory price too

to calculate. We ask for your understanding!


Stick figure drawing

By Andreas Tschudin. 96 pages, with many

Drawings, format 23 cm x 23 cm. Hardcover.

“If you can write, you can also draw,” says

the cartoonist Matto. Let him

a master of the pen, whisk you away to the land of

Stick figure and discover on this fascinating one

Travel like you simple lines on paper

bring to life! Simple instructions and

funny illustrations show you step by step,

how to make your own living stick figure

can create with all movements and

Expressions of emotion.

Order no. 99-93804 € gross 15.40

Valid from August 31, 2012 to April 30, 2013



From Koos Eissen, Roselien

Steur. 204 pages, with over

500 illustrations. format

21.6 cm x 27.7 cm. Hardcover.

Because of its practical

and instructive content, the book is aimed particularly at beginners: Im

The focus is on the basics of sketching from quick scribbling to

to elaborated drawings. For this, the two lecturers pull again

Examples from practice and make drawing more common

Shapes, the perspective representation, the gradual creation of a perfectly shaped one

Sketch as well as the use of color and materials.

Order no. 99-93559 € 41.00 gross


Sketching -

Draw and


on road

By Gabriel Campanario. 320 pages, with many colored illustrations. format

21.6 cm x 25.6 cm. Soft cover.

A rich and impressive potpourri of artistic manuscripts.

Interesting insights behind the scenes - artists tell about their motifs and

the specifics of the city. Urban Sketchers is a network of artists who

draw the cities in which they live or to which they travel: Urban Sketchers

always draw on site and share their pictures online at

Available from October 2012!

Order no. 99-93588 € gross 25.70

Basic knowledge

To draw

By Robert Mergl, Nicole Kemper, Thomas Boehler,

Stephan Hollich. 192 pages, with many colored ones

Illustrations. Format 16 cm x 21 cm. Soft cover.

Compact, inexpensive workshop with over 100

Photos - leads step by step from the subject to the picture.

You learn to use drawing techniques effectively

and combine. The specified

Levels of difficulty help with the choice of motif.

Order no. 99-93582 € gross 10.30

Anyone can learn to draw

- The basics

By Ute Ludwigsen-Kaiser. 64 pages, with many

Illustrations. Format 21.5 cm x 28.5 cm. Hardcover.

When it comes to drawing, it all comes down to the right method

an: Based on simple basic forms, the

Readers start drawing immediately. So conveyed

the author learns the basics of drawing directly

in practice and easy to understand based on many

Exercise examples. All motifs that were used in the course of the

When the book is developed, go to the beginning

shown basics and basic forms.

At the end the beginner can already

systematically animals, flowers, trees, landscapes

and build objects and successfully first own

Create drawings!

Order no. 99-93598 € gross 17.50

Illustrate - Funny people

from today

By Sachiko Umoto. 112 pages, many color illustrations.

Format 16 cm x 21 cm. Paperback.

Lively, funny themes in typically Japanese

Drawing style presented by one of the most popular

Artists of Japan. Each volume contains a complete

and extensive step-by-step

Course with easy-to-understand instructions and

playful exercises become a fascinating

Subject area. Whether imaginative flowers or plants

and small creatures, cute animals or happy ones

People from all over the world, the books are aimed at

Artist of all levels, hobby draftsman

all ages and all lovers of this japanese

Style in a fun and imaginative way

want to learn to make their own illustrations.