What's the point of CNN

Does Germany need a CNN? : News as a political issue

It was a big step for ARD. On Friday evening, the "crime scene" on the first German television was interrupted to start reporting on the coup in Turkey. “Deadly Trust” was a “Tatort” repetition in the late-night program, so the ARD dared. But what if the coup had happened on Sunday evening, during a "Tatort" premiere in prime time? Treadmill, interruption, demolition - and off to Hamburg for a “Tagesschau special”? Spontaneous demos of the “crime scene” maniac?

Both ARD and ZDF are faced with a dilemma when crises and disasters occur. As broadcasters who want to be leading information programs at the same time, they have to react as quickly, as comprehensively, as competently as possible. The news needs of a sub-audience intersect with the interests of other viewers. The first and second program can only make the wrong decision, but the pressure is growing both internally and externally not to let the real-time dynamics and live drama of social media overwhelm you. The linear media looks very old right now.

For Ulrich Deppendorf there is only one way out: “Tagesschau24 or Phoenix must finally become a 24hNews channel !! Linear, digital and online !! “, tweeted the former ARD-aktuell editor-in-chief, who was head of the ARD capital studio until 2015. In an interview with the Tagesspiegel, Deppendorf clarified his demand: "If ZDF does not participate in Phoenix, then ARD has to do it alone with tagesschau24." The future of ARD is secured by the information.

At ARD-aktuell in Hamburg there is the competence and the capacities for a 24-hour news channel, which of course still have to be expanded. For this money has to be taken into hand - "but not huge sums". Ulrich Deppendorf also said that he did not believe in the resistance of broadcasting policy against a public news channel. "Take a look at our neighbors: Great Britain, France, Russia, all countries with news channels - only in Germany there is no such program."

For Kai Gniffke, the first editor-in-chief of ARD-aktuell, tagesschau 24 comes very close to the requirements. "Whether such an offer would also make sense at four o'clock in the morning is rightly doubtful," he noted. "We are thinking about other solutions, especially for news situations like we had at the weekend," he told Tagesspiegel. Nor does he think the pace needs to be increased in response to social media. "It is more a matter of dealing responsibly with the multitude of additional image and information sources such as social media."

ZDF does not want a news channel, but a better interaction between online and television

For ZDF, editor-in-chief Peter Frey said, "a news program, whether it is run alone or with ARD, would require capacities and resources that we do not have". In addition, with its extensive coverage in the main program on events such as those in Nice or Turkey, ZDF reached significantly more viewers than with a news channel. According to Frey, however, the ZDF is increasingly thinking about a better interaction between online and television. "http://heute.de, that's already our news channel today. We want to expand the live links here."

The common information channel of the two large public law houses still rejects demands like Deppendorf's. “Phoenix belongs to ARD and ZDF. It is our job to depict political events, present their backgrounds and classify them. We do this with very limited resources, both in terms of personnel and finances. We should never be a news channel and we don't have the capacity to do so. Incidentally, politicians would have to decide on the introduction of a public news channel in public broadcasting, ”said station spokeswoman Gudrun Hindersin on request. At the moment, the structures are actually not suitable for 24/7 clocking: "We will report again tomorrow at 9 o'clock on the #military coup in #Turkey," the broadcaster tweeted on Friday evening just before midnight, when the events in Turkey were just about to unfold overturned.

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