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For 14 years, colorando has been known for excellent web design and solid software development in the Ore Mountains and beyond. Here are a few selected customer testimonials. There are more references on the web design and software & apps pages

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SKG cancer info app

The Saxon Cancer Society has published its first app for smartphones and tablets, with which those affected and interested can get the most important offers in their pockets. This gives users the opportunity to get an overview of the SKG's internet offers and to view the corresponding websites directly in the app.

Other components include the integrated address database and search, which can be used to search for contacts in the area or specifically by location. The Saxon Cancer Society's videos can also be played directly, and more and more are being added all the time. Of course, direct contact with the Saxon Cancer Society is also included.

Live view


  • Hybrid app implementation with React-Native
  • Installation and setup of Directus Headless CMS
  • Development of an API for the app with the PHP framework CodeIgniter


  • React native
  • Directus Headless CMS
  • CodeIgniter PHP Framework
  • PHP 7.1
  • MySQL

Online connection for Allegro library software

Together with the qualified designer Claudius Hartmann from Treuen, we developed a new website based on the CMS Bolt for the Society for the History of Brewing in Berlin.

Live view


  • Installation of Bolt CMS
  • Setting up the multilingual website
  • Programming of an extension for the connection to Allegro


Housing cooperative Zwickau-Land eG

Innovative functions

The housing cooperative Zwickau-Land EG owns 1700 rental and guest apartments in the Zwickau area. The cooperative has been ensuring that its members have safe and comfortable living space since 1954. Modernization and renovation have resulted in modern and contemporary apartments.

A modern and contemporary website was also expected with the new website. With the large number of apartments to be offered and the most varied of functions, a big task awaited us.

Available rental apartments are automatically compared with the Wodis apartment management software. This saves employees a lot of time.

To make it easier for the user to search for an apartment, we have built in a clear search and filter system that shows the desired results both on the map and in the list.

With our self-developed booking tool, the user has the opportunity to book a guest apartment quickly and directly or to register for an appointment to view a rental apartment.

The website was created with the help of the Bolt CMS, but the various functions are based on the progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js.

Live view


  • Responsive website in an individual design
  • Development of a booking tool extension for Bolt
  • Import function for apartments from Wodis
  • Development of an apartment search application


  • Bolt CMS
  • Self-developed booking tool
  • Search and filter function with Vue.js
  • Implementation with HTML5 / SCSS and CSS3 / Javascript

R.SA Festival 2017

Customized CMS solution

The Oldienacht in Schwarzenberg has existed since 1992 and has established itself as an annual highlight on the historic Waldbühne in Schwarzenberg. The new website makes it even easier for visitors to get the latest information about the festival. And a real library has been created for fans, in which one can find information about all events since 1992.

We have developed an easy-to-use concept so that the maintenance of the great event history, current information, FAQs, artists and festivals can be carried out easily and smoothly. No annoying menu clicks, but simple and intuitive. A very good performance has been achieved due to the software specially adapted to the customer.

Live view


  • Use of a self-developed content management framework based on CodeIgniter and PHP
  • Implementation with HTML5 / SCSS and CSS3 / Javascript

Object detection and tracking

Innovative software development

Development of a concept and implementation of algorithms for object recognition and tracking in live streams from IP cameras using OpenCV.


  • Algorithms implemented with C ++ and OpenCV for performance reasons
  • User interface in WPF (.NET / C #)

Individual solution for the operational workflow


Mapping of company-specific processes from performance recording and form management to customer administration and employee planning to invoicing.
The implementation takes place as a .NET application as a remote app as well as a desktop application and can thus be executed securely on many employee devices.


  • .NET Framework (C #)
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • WPF
  • Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services

Android app with Bluetooth connection


Development of an Android app that communicates with a Statik-Relax © (Bluetooth wearable).
A native app based on the Android SDK was developed to save the battery of the mobile phone. This means that the user can stay in touch with the device for a long time.

The app can:

  • Configure the wearable
  • Read, display and analyze live measurement data from the device
  • Read and display saved measurement data

Device firmware development for stopdas GmbH


Development of firmware on a Microchip C18 µC. The development included e.g. Flash connection via SPI, UART communication with WLAN module, in-house development of an HTTP layer on top of a TCP / IP stack, efficient implementation of data storage algorithms to ensure fast access while at the same time protecting the flash cells.

The development was test-driven and module-based and was carried out together with the partner PBS Electronic


  • C.
  • Google C ++ Testing Framework
  • MPLAB X Studio, MPLAB C18 Compiler

OpenGL modules, 3D modeling

A real-time display of a spine and human muscles was required for a medical field test. Individual vertebrae or muscles had to be able to be changed in the representation.

In addition, it had to be possible to display the spine in a movable manner so that the measurement data can be seen live on the test subject in the 3D model.

Live view


  • Manual modeling of a spine as a 3D object in Blender
  • Fitting a model of human muscles in Blender
  • Developing a 3D importer to be able to display 3DS files in OpenGL
  • Development of an interface for the configuration and control of the module
  • Develop a test environment in which the module can be tested


  • OpenGL
  • C, C #, .NET
  • Blender

    What our customers say

    Converting the website of an artisanal bookbinding to responsive design? That doesn't sound too demanding now. In reality, we had already given Mr. Lehmann and his team a real task with our integrated price calculator, glossary and other features. We are super happy that it turned out the way we wanted it to.
    Big thanks to Micha Lehmann!

    Tom Donath | Workshops for bookbinding Donath KG, Chemnitz

    Converting the website of an artisanal bookbinding to responsive design? That doesn't sound too demanding. In reality, we had already given Mr. Lehmann and his team a real task with our integrated price calculator, glossary and other features. We are super happy that it turned out the way we wanted it to.
    Big thanks to Micha Lehmann!

    Tom Donath | Workshops for bookbinding Donath KG, Chemnitz

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