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There are many good reasons to rent a limousine.
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Whether at a special event, as an airport shuttle, as a special service for business friends or on a city tour in an exclusive ambience: Anyone who has driven up in a limousine will not want to be without this service in the future. Style, comfort and safety, but also quality assurance on the part of the limousine service, are in the foreground when choosing a vehicle.

Quality assurance, service and Co .: The minimum requirements for a chauffeur service

A vehicle that is used in a chauffeur service cannot just be any one. Customers who rent a limousine expect more service, more luxury and more security. One of the most popular vehicles is a sedan from the upper and luxury class such as a 7 Series BMW or a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. A vehicle for a limousine service is always selected based on certain criteria.
Such a limousine usually has amenities such as leather seats, heated seats in the rear or wooden fittings. Tinted windows and easy-to-reach storage compartments are also standard vehicle standards.

The services also play an important role: cool drinks, the latest newspapers and technical equipment such as WiFi should not be missing when you rent a limousine.

You also have to be able to rely on the quality assurance provided by the limousine service. The age of the limousine plays an important role here. A reliable chauffeur service provides vehicles that are no more than three to four years old and have the latest safety features. As part of this quality assurance, the necessary licenses and insurance must also be available.

These limousines should not be missing from a chauffeur service

Anyone who wants to rent a limousine has the highest demands. Therefore, these vehicles for the INTERLINE Berlin Chauffeur Service are an essential part of the vehicle selection:

  • BMW 7 series
  • Mercedes S or E class
  • Luxury limousines like the Maybach
  • Buses and minibuses such as the Mercedes VIP Sprinter or the Setra S 415
  • Aircraft such as helicopters, turboprobs, light, midsize and business jets

How do I find the most suitable vehicle for my needs?

Which limousine with a chauffeur service meets all the criteria in terms of service and equipment depends on the intended use. A minivan is ideal for a trip to the airport, especially if you have to transport a lot of luggage. Even if you are traveling in a small group of up to five people or with a lot of luggage, a minivan is your best bet. It offers a lot of space and storage space with the highest level of comfort.
However, if you would like to go on a city tour with your business partners after the meeting, a luxury limousine is the best option. In the you can comfortably and safely experience all the sights of the city. At a special event, on the other hand, it makes an impression to drive up in a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes Maybach.

Which minivan or bus suits my needs?

Sometimes it has to be more: more space, more storage space, more service. In this case, we at INTERLINE Berlin Chauffeur Service have a selection of minivans and buses for up to 51 passengers.
Small groups can choose from two Mercedes VIP Sprinters, which can accommodate 14 or 16 people and up to twelve large pieces of luggage. Setra buses are ideal for excursions and business trips for larger groups, offer reclining seats and multimedia equipment as well as space for up to 30 suitcases. The Mercedes Benz Travego vehicles are designed for groups of up to 45 people.

In the air: which private jet is the right one?

In addition to limousines and minivans, INTERLINE Berlin also offers helicopters, light, midsize and business jets as well as turbo probes. A helicopter is ideal for short trips within a radius of up to 800 kilometers, for example with business partners or friends. Medium distances of up to 3,000 kilometers can be covered with the Turboprob. Our selection extends to aircraft with a range of up to 11,000 kilometers and space for a maximum of 44 people including services.

Quality assurance: this is what you should pay attention to when renting a limousine

Our quality assurance includes numerous security measures that ensure your comfort. This includes regular training courses and particularly high demands on our chauffeurs and pilots. Furthermore, at INTERLINE Berlin we only use the most modern communication technology and IT.

Quality assurance is carried out and adjusted regularly at our chauffeur service.

The optimal vehicle selection with a chauffeur service for your needs

With us you can rent a limousine for a city tour or if you want to get to your destination comfortably and safely in a foreign city.
Even if you want to go high, you've come to the right place. Airplanes and helicopters for numerous requirements are also part of our portfolio.

You can also convince yourself that we take all measures for your safety and comfort as part of our services and quality assurance.

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