Why are so many people hostile to Islam?

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Of course, you have to know right from the start that this interview is anything but balanced. Supporters of Islam are generally not necessarily a guarantee for an independent representation of their own Muslim ideology.

It is ONE one-sided opinion about your own belief, but nothing more!

Above all, it seems important that there is no racism against Muslims, mainly because Islam is not a race, but an ideology that pretends to be a religion.

There is criticism of religion, but it also exists against all other religions, and rightly so. Without such criticism, there would have been no Reformation and no changes whatsoever in the Church.

Criticism means democracy, equality and freedom! We in Europe and Germany in particular should be aware of this, accept them and not try to destroy them. Certainly not out of a completely misguided desire not to hurt anyone. Only totalitarian ideologies, left as well as right or religious, defend themselves against criticism and try to suppress everything that questions their existence. We must never allow that!

Islam smashes any critical endeavors and that also explains why in many ways it is still deep in the Middle Ages and is such a permanent stumbling block in the world.

And that brings us to one of the most important aspects of Islam & Muslims:

Your own, often problematic action!

Would Islam really be a "peaceful ideology" whose followers live harmoniously with everyone, adapt to the cultures of the respective countries, accept rules and stop imposing their own way of life on others by violently and ceaselessly in public space, in laws to get involved in the social discussion, there would be no criticism or rejection.

The aversions to Islam and also to Muslims have a lot to do with themselves, as it always is. Any behavior creates a backlash, which actually seems logical, and even if not every answer to a question is justified, one should not be surprised.

"As you call into the forest, it also echoes!" Is a well-known German proverb.

So if Muslims want to be treated more benevolently, they just have to behave better, that is really quite easy and should be possible if you want to live well with others.

A Buddhist monk once said:

"We want to live together harmoniously with everyone, but Muslims don't seem to want this, which is why problems arise frequently and again and again.

And this is the truth!

As I said, whether the reactions of opponents of Islam can always be justified is an open question, but a defense is in any case not surprising and must finally be accepted by Muslims themselves. And there are also moderates who understand this and live accordingly.

"If someone really wants to criticize" Islam ", I get suspicious."

This sentence alone should make US suspicious. So you shouldn't criticize Islam? Wrong, WE CRITIZE ISLAM!

It is also somehow a mockery that Muslims demand such blind acceptance when they themselves have an extremely strong, one-sided, negative and condescending attitude towards all non-Muslims.

One cannot avoid understanding this as an attempt to "smash criticism", to free oneself from all doubts, both internally and externally. As I said, this is the attitude of totalitarian ideologies, not freedom-loving people.

Interesting is the term "Islamophobia", which does not actually exist, because a critical attitude and rejection are more than justified in view of the unpeaceful Islam. The word is an Islamic creation that originated in Islam itself to denounce and silence opposition within the ideology.

Let's recall how Islam deals with ridicule, criticism and rejection:

Like so many others, Salman Rushdie was given a fatwa, a kind of bird freedom that allows him to be killed. He had only written his critical book "The Satanic Verses".

In the dispute over drawings (!) Of Muhammad for the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo", a massacre was carried out in Paris in the publishing house, in which many people died.

A Dutch director critical of Islam was murdered, another cartoonist is also threatened with death by a fatwa.

These are only a few, but already sufficient, examples of an ideology that deals with texts, illustrations - art so harshly and brutally that one wonders what happens when things really are bad.

We know the results:

It is always death, torture and mass murder.

The criticism of the Muslims in all of these cases was alarmingly limited, with approval or tolerance predominating. Even if of course not all Muslims carry out such brutal acts of cruelty, the number of those who remain silent is far too great.

THAT should open our eyes, especially in Germany!

Islam is not just an ideology, but a way of life that encompasses all areas: from politics, the state, education, society, togetherness, nutrition, etc., the list is endless, which is why it can be said that Muslims must and absolutely submit to it so that in the true sense of the meaning of his word stand:

"Islam" means submission!

Historically, the statements here are more than questionable.

The crusades are primarily wars of liberation in order to stop the cruel spread of Islam, the caliphates and Muslims of the time.

Because what must not be forgotten is the fact that the intervention of the Europeans was preceded by a long period of military expansion by Islam and its followers, which had to be stopped because otherwise Europe would also fall. This is forgotten by certain political currents and of course the Muslims who are still shouting "Crusaders".

The Islamic caliphates found themselves on stolen, blood-red and scorched earth. Everyone who did not convert was murdered. To speak of a time of peace, exchange, freedom and togetherness is pure mockery for the millions of victims of Islamic warmongering.

The advance of the Muslims in Europe continued into the 19th century, or what do we think was the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks?

The expansion extends into modern times. In the Islamic world people ponder, discuss and plan how the conquest and Islamization will continue.

And are we not in the middle of this time of Islamic expansion ?!

This migration of millions of Muslims, who bring their ideology with them, gradually convert their host countries, and even Islamize them, is nothing else. We already feel it, see and experience it in everyday life. Only those who are ignorant, blind and compliant can deny this.

There are two ways of conquest in Islam:

War and migration.

The first was tried in many ways, but in Europe you only got to a certain point because the Europeans were too convinced.

The latter is in progress and has been used, for example, in Lebanon and many other countries. Even Mohammed has been shown to conquer Medina in this way. In the end there was and is a military conflict with the suppression of the local population, chaos and the destruction of society and culture.

All of this is a historical fact!

So, if Muslims want to be treated better, they should above all do this:

Correct your own behavior, way of life, and how you interact with others.

Despite the darkness in Islam and the bad example of their founder Mohammed, they are the only ones who are capable of living together with the people of the world, as the English scholar Douglas Murray put it so aptly.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can change yourself!

Muslims should internally and appropriately apply this so that the true perception, distance and justified rejection of all non-Muslims can change. If that doesn't happen, the conflict will only escalate. What else is supposed to be possible if one side blocks itself from self-reflection to such an extent ?!

Of course, followers in Islam do not have it easy because certain aspects of their own guilt, their recognition and repentance, as in Christianity, do not exist here; in fact, the opposite is often the case when bad behavior is even rewarded.

It is important to take a look at the beginning of Muhammad, when he briefly tried to spread Islam peacefully, but failed, and then resorted to more aggressive, insidious methods.

It is sad that Muslims do not realize this themselves. Because the Islamic path is clearly a destructive path leading to authoritarian dictatorships (or theocracies), as in Iran or Saudi Arabia, and to destruction, war, flight and misery, as in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria (although here is even more complicated and a mixture of both), the African countries, etc., is there an Islamic state in which it is peaceful, free and democratic? Even countries like Indonesia are developing backwards.

Islam is destructive, both internally and externally!

It's easy:

If Muslims want to live together peacefully with people, they recognize themselves and their ways, repent and turn from their dark ways. It is difficult, not without suffering and grief, but what awaits you is peace and that is the most important thing.

DkS, August 12, 2019