What is a detention ship

is taken, the “Parchim” is now taken in tow and the course is set for the mouth of the Elbe. Happy faces everywhere, because this moment is one of the most beautiful of the whole long sea voyage. All hardships, all difficult hours are forgotten - the home port beckons: Hamburg, the Dorado of all seafarers. Everyone imagines the arrival according to his concept. The captain with justified pride in his fast and successful voyage. 74 days from the western front to the Elbe - again 3 days faster than the last trip! A happy ship for sure, with no loss of human life and no significant loss of sails. Tomorrow he will face his shipowner with the full feeling of good performance, and nothing impresses him more than that the tall, proud sailors under his world-famous house flag make ever faster journeys than the ships of other shipping companies and other nations. The majority of the team - young blood - are looking forward to Hamburg like children. A watch that is eternally equivalent to heavy sea service, to swap the hard life on board for the quiet and comfortable fiefdom on land, at home with the family or even just in a sleeping place in Hamburg. Only those who have experienced this themselves can get an approximate idea of ​​what it means to return home from a long sea voyage. They all have the feeling of the rich man, because there was hardly any opportunity to spend any of the wages they had earned. Everyone imagines what they want to afford first after the payment has been made. On the quarterdeck the captain slowly paces up and down with the pilot. They discuss the ice conditions on the Elbe so that hopefully it will be possible to reach the port of Hamburg before dark, perhaps with the help of an icebreaker. Then Fiede comes running with a message from the first mate. - "Well, boy, are you looking forward to home, aren't you?" - ,, Yes, Captain! " “What do you think, would you like to stay on board for the next voyage under promotion to ordinary seaman? I want to take you back with me - but then you have to stay on the ship in Hamburg! " - All the joy of going home, all the pictures that he is drawing suddenly fall into the boy's sea boots, - but he bites his teeth