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Determination (award) of the technical trainer suitability according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

In Germany, the Vocational Training Act determines who is entitled to train young people. In principle, anyone who wants to train in the profession that they have successfully learned themselves is generally suitable as a trainer.

Today, however, it is no longer a matter of course that employees work in their learned profession for their entire working life. Many people change jobs for different reasons, sometimes several times. You are breaking new professional ground - partly as a self-employed entrepreneur. In doing so, they acquire professional knowledge and experience in their new professional activity, which also enables them to train junior staff in this area.

For this group of people, the legislature has created the possibility of granting trainer aptitude in order to be able to use and pass on this acquired qualification in training.

In the following, specialists interested in training are shown the path that leads to this trainer qualification.


  • Anyone can apply for the "revocable award of professional qualification"
    wants or should train in his own company or as an employed specialist, provided that no trainer is available for the training occupation concerned,
  • work experience
    can provide evidence of professional experience in the apprenticeship occupation of at least 1 1/2 times the regular training period (i.e. 4 1/2 years of professional experience for a three-year training period),
  • missing exam
    ... cannot take the examination due to objective reasons or for whom the examination would not be reasonable due to a special life situation or extraordinary professional or social stress.
  • and if the employment of children and young people or the hiring and training of trainees has not been prohibited.

Required documents

  • Tabular CV
    Tabular curriculum vitae with details of the names of the parents including the mother's maiden name (required for querying the Federal Central and Trade Register) and your own nationality
  • Copies of certificates about training, further education and training
  • Copies of certificates or copies of proof of employment
  • In the case of self-employed persons, a copy of the business registration or excerpt from the commercial register, in the case of employees, a statement from the employing company

Average time of processing

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