What's the best kids show

Great shows for small viewers
Children's shows

Our children's shows are aimed in particular at a young audience and are an extraordinary change at every festival. Of course, the show acts also delight adult viewers with their wit, talent and humor.

Lollipops and dancing mice

Our lollipops and dancing mice have rhythm in their blood - and of course a lot of talent. The young dancers amaze young and old with varied shows.

Clown Friedoline & Friedolin - The children's animation show

Whether it's a children's birthday party, school introduction, city festival or kindergarten festival, Friedoline and Friedolin ensure an entertaining change for young and old for 60 minutes.

The two sympathetic clowns encourage the children to sing, dance and puzzle. Popular games are carried out depending on the size of the group, and Friedoline also likes to perform one or two magic tricks.

The enchanted fairytale forest

Little dancers really big: In the fairy tale forest, the magician frippery messed up all the fairy tales that are performed in dances. Together with the children in the audience, the little fairy tries to rectify the mess so that everything is right again at the end of the 60-minute show.

"An incredibly beautiful day"

A show by children for children: Schnurri the kitten has invited all of her friends to a great party. But the dog Bello doesn't like it at all. He wants his peace and quiet and already has a plan to prevent this party.
The sleepy dog ​​misses to invite the big lion in time - or does he just withhold the invitation? It's good that Schnurri invited the other animals in the zoo himself. Hippopotamus, fox, frog, rabbit, wolf, lion children, kittens, dancing mice, ducks, even a millipede and many more animals dance, sing and invite you to participate.

If you, dear children, help the kitten Schnurri to find all the animals, then it will definitely be a "beautiful animal day". The show lasts about 60 minutes.

Clear the ring - the circus is coming

Clown Friedoline and the ringmaster invite you to the circus.

With lots of surprises as well as the danced clowns, lions, rabbits, artistry, magic and circus games together with the children, the best entertainment is provided. The show lasts about 60 minutes.