Deceives someone of abuse

Do not give everyone a power of attorney

Many older people give relatives, friends or neighbors a pension, general or account power of attorney. With these powers you can get help from people you trust. The authorized representatives can then, for example, carry out banking transactions, shop or pay bills on behalf of the agent. But be careful: this trust is often abused by fraudsters who are only interested in stealing money in this way.


Methods of Fraudsters

  • You are requesting bank powers of attorney and / or online access to accounts. To do that, they claim the bank is giving bad advice and a move would be better.
  • They complain that investments are suddenly no longer safe and have to be liquidated.
  • You speak badly to relatives and claim that they suddenly no longer report or even care.


BUT: trust is good, control is better.

As a data subject or family member, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you only buy what I need?
  • Will only my bills be paid or will other people also?
  • Do I get transparent bills?
  • Will I get my bank statements in full and on time?
  • Will what I want to be done? And just that?


Make sure you do the right thing:

Explain it clearlywhat you for yourself want and especially, what you don't want. You determine what other people are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.

concerns Who you trust. With a health care proxy, the authorized person can, for example, decide for you what to eat, who visits you, who to talk to, how you will be looked after or what happens to your money.

Should you unsure be, dispense You on a power of attorney, because this initially prevents judicial control. Instead, you decide who should be appointed as a judicially controlled supervisor, if any.


Tips from your police to protect against abuse of authority:

  • Sit down two authorized representatives a. So they control each other.
  • Only authorize people to whom you unrestricted and for a long time trust.
  • Get it Help from recognized institutions and charities. You can also get advice from the supervisory authority.
  • Grant the Power of attorney before witnesses and deposit copies with your family doctor and your bank.
  • Make your own Legal capacity medical attest and attach the certificate to the power of attorney.
  • Restrict The power of attorney for a maximum amount of money per month.
  • To forbid You expressly state that the authorized person favors himself. Basically exclude donations. Instead, write down what you want that person to receive.
  • Ask she her Bank in case of doubt, at the guardianship court, with relatives, with the control supervisor etc. askwhen online access is requested, new bank powers are granted, accounts are closed, custody accounts and savings investments are to be closed and assets to be transferred.
  • To forbid You also ensure that the authorized person buys or charges real estate.
  • Withdraw and revoke You immediately the Power of attorneyif something is wrong, especially with the power of attorney!
  • If anything seems suspicious to you, contact them immediately police. File a complaint and, if necessary, file a criminal complaint!