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“I'm not afraid of storms.
I'm learning how to steer my ship. " [Louisa May Alcott]

Training in 2021

Would you like to learn astrology?
The next training group begins on March 1, 2021 - initially on
Video chat. As soon as the corona pandemic allows, lessons can continue on site or, if desired, continue via video chat.
Register now, there are still places available.

Astrology training is also self-awareness.
You get to know yourself better. You clarify your self-image:

  • What is your motivation in the different areas of life

  • How do you strengthen your vitality - and much more.
These insights serve to lead an authentic life.
The training is suitable to clarify one's own processes and to support other people with astrology after the training.

Learning content

Astrological basics:

Astrological training:

Information about lessons:

  • There is no contractual obligation for the entire duration of the training, i.e. you can cancel the training with four weeks' notice to the end of the next month

  • You can also arrange individual lessons and choose individual modules

  • The duration of the training depends on the progress of the group or the individual. The basic training takes about 1-2 years. In order to learn all modules, the training takes a few more years. How long, exactly, depends on how fast you or your group are progressing and how deeply you want to familiarize yourself. Astrology is a broad field and there is a lot to learn.

And believe me:
Once you've sniffed it,
astrology will grab you and never let go ...

Do you have any questions about further details, prices, the start of new lesson groups, individual lessons, dates, etc.?
Then call me....

Further events for 2021 on the topic of alternative healing methods can be found under Workshops and at www.selbstheilungskraefte-staerken.de

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