Should be soaked sprouted brown rice

What is GABA rice?

The rice you are referring to is sprouted brown rice. From GABA stands for an amino acid, gamma-amino-butyric acid.

The most widely touted health benefit of sprouted rice is GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid).

It takes much longer to set your rice cooker GABA up according to this article on Techilicious.

If you want to improve your culinary skills, the Zojirushi also gives you room to grow that other models don't. The GABA setting for brown rice is to slowly cook the rice by "activating" it for 2 hours at a temperature of 104 degrees before cooking. It's said to increase the amount of an amino acid - gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA - that is released in brown rice, creating a softer grain. However, this means a total cooking time of approximately three and a half hours. Is it worth the wait?

We found that the GABA attitude worked wonders for rice connoisseurs. It brings out the nutty taste of brown rice without turning it into mush. Perfectly cooked single grains were produced that were firm but not crispy. Even our most recent reviewer noticed the difference.

However, if you use a normal setting or cook on the stove, the rice cooks faster because the bran layer has softened during the germination process.

The germination process (germination process) adds a variety of nutrients by activating dormant enzymes and at the same time softens the bran layer . The rice kernel is sprouted until the taste and nutritional benefits are maximized.

Please follow the link and read the PDF file. It contains a lot of information about sprouted brown rice, as well as comparisons with white rice and regular brown rice.

Evan Carroll

However, the GABA setting takes considerably longer. And it's a zojirushi rice cooker. Where do you read, should it take less?


My mistake when I misunderstood and combined two pieces of information. I'll edit to make this clearer as the GABA setting takes longer.


@EvanCarroll BTW, thank you for getting that!


Subject: longer cooking time in a rice cooker. I don't find it a concern as many (most?) Rice cookers that can cook GABA rice also have a timer function so that you can program your stove to prepare GABA rice in time for dinner.

Matthew Piziak

Note: Your first link is now dead. I look forward to your answer to the second half of the question, namely. "Would there ever be a disadvantage to cooking rice marketed as GABA using the GABA setting?" Presumably rice marketed as GABA is pre-germinated. Is the faster brown rice setting as good at this point?