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Comfort Binging, or: 26 really good series on Netflix that put you in a good mood

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2019 was the year in which a term popped up that describes a phenomenon that had not yet had a name. Comfort binging. Over a year later, most of them were familiar with the phenomenon, but they had no idea for it. By “they” I mean “I” because I definitely count myself among those people who practice Comfort Binging. Comfort Binging describes the phenomenon of - in this case - watching good series on Netflix over and over again. The reason for this is the good feeling these series give you. The more you see her, the better you get to know the characters in her. A classic comfort binge is the Friends, Sex and the City, or Fresh Prince series. Chandler from Friends, Miranda from Sex and the City, or Carlton from Fresh Prince, we've known and loved since we were children. In the best case scenario, you can also learn something in a playful way. The really good series on Netflix put you in a good mood and also bring us closer to certain topics. For example different cultures from different countries, the drag culture or life in politics.

I asked myself the question: What makes a good Comfort Binging series? What drives us to watch a series repeatedly? The answer is simple. 1. We have to love the characters. 2. The series has to make us feel good. 3. At best, there are the good series on Netflix. It must by no means be too exciting, too complex or too depressing.

These series also have their appeal, but once we have looked through them, they are shelved. It is of course particularly convenient when we have the opportunity to watch good series on Netflix. Good series on Netflix that seduced us into Comfort Binging.

Comfort Binging: 26 really good series on Netflix that put you in a good mood & that you can watch over and over again

Ru Paul's Drag Race

Reality TV at its best. Who wouldn't love Ru Paul's drag race? The drag TV show has the best drag queen in its 12th season. The latest season has finally been available on Netflix since last week. I already saw this at the beginning of the year and can only tell you: It's worth it. It's possibly the best season in drag race history.

Makes you in a good mood because: Drag Race is empowering, political, funny and despite catfights among the participants, the show celebrates the cohesion in the gay and drag community. In addition, the looks are stunning and the music selection is fun as always.


Avatar The Last Airbender

Usually I'm not a cartoon or anime freak, but even without a weakness for this genre, I can promise you the best binge-watching time of your life. With Avatar The Last Airbender everything is just right - even for people who are normally not used to cartoons. In an unknown world, people are divided into four elements: earth, water, fire, air. However, the fire element rules the world and is at war with the other elements. The Avatar, the Chosen One, must restore the balance between the elements and end the war.

Makes you in a good mood because: Avatar is everything. Funny, sad, emotional, profound. When I looked at it, I always had a pleasant feeling in my stomach.

Terrace House

Dating shows have their appeal for many people, but they are often too negative and mean for me. That's why I love the Japanese dating show Terrace House, in which 3 women and 3 men live in a shared flat for an indefinite period of time. Your everyday life does not change. They live their lives as usual, but interpersonal relationships develop among the residents. You learn a tremendous amount about Japanese culture, dating and life in Japan. Incredibly exciting and beautiful at the same time.

Makes you in a good mood because: You not only enjoy the fun of reality TV, but also learn something about the dating culture of Japan.

The Politician

The Politician is not quite as positive, but at least as entertaining. The goal of the protagonist of the series is to become President of the United States at some point. He is still young and is planning his systematic advancement. However, the election campaign ensures that he must act against its principles. The Politician shows how complex and calculated politics can be - and how much it challenges inner morals.

Makes you in a good mood because: The Politician is a bit like House of Cards for teenagers. It's more understandable, easier and more entertaining, but remains of high quality and nice to watch in the style of Wes Anderson films. Also: Gwyneth Paltrow!


Pose is a little masterpiece in which we are entertained and also learn something. The series is inspired by the famous documentary Paris is Burning and deals with ballroom culture in New York in the late 1980s. Pose gives private insights into the LGBTQ + community of the time, tells the individual stories of the protagonists and, in contrast, the luxury life of the Trump empire.

Makes you in a good mood because: You learn and still stay entertained. The costumes, the dances, the actors. Pose is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Selling sunset

My guilty pleasure: The reality TV show Selling Sunset actually combines everything that I don't want to be. It shows millions of houses in the Hollywood Hills, deals with conflicts and celebrates the most expensive lifestyle one can imagine. Still, I couldn't stop watching the three seasons about the LA real estate agents. Maybe because they are playing in such a completely different world. Maybe because I somehow learned to love almost all of the protagonists. What I only smiled at at the beginning almost turned into compassion for the women in Selling Sunset by the end.

Makes you in a good mood because: Selling Sunset not only shows real estate, but of course also interpersonal relationships. The show is surprisingly fun, especially thanks to Maya and Christine.

Black AF

The father of a million dollar family in LA has to struggle with various problems: being black in a white patriarchy and, contrary to his cliché, being successful and super rich. He also struggles with his role as the father of six children and as a husband. The Mockumentary Black AF tells the more or less true story of the director Kenya Barris, who plays himself in the Netflix series. It is the continuation of the already successful Blackish series.

Makes you in a good mood because: The series is Funny AF. Really. I had to laugh myself to death several times, but at the same time it is informative and enlightening for white people who should definitely watch the show.

Never Have I Ever

The young protagonist had a difficult year behind her. After the death of her father, she fell into a trauma that she tries to come to terms with in the series Never Have I Ever. But in a very weightless, funny way, she is not only confronted with the processing of her father's death. She learns to adopt her identity as an American child from an Indian mother. In addition, she is also a completely normal one with completely normal problems that one has at that age. A woke high school series at its best.

Makes you in a good mood because: The director Mindy Kaling is a comedian who, in her Netflix series Never have I ever, partly deals with her own story as a young girl. That's not the only reason why the series is so heartwarming, moving, sweet, beautiful, loving, funny.

Dating Around

For fans of dating shows! Personally, I don't see much Reality TV, but these Netflix formats manage to make Reality TV look less trashy. In fact, a show like Dating Around is the perfect in-between series. Singles in New York are accompanied on their first blind dates. Then they can decide whether they want to see each other again or not.

Makes you in a good mood because: Unlike what you are used to from Reality TV, very different types of people meet here. They are definitely characters, but due to the diverse cast, a diverse audience is addressed here, with different interests and sexual orientations. Dating Around is a small number for in between that you don't have to search, but you can.

Great news

The young protagonist's dream is to become a successful producer of a news show. She starts her new job full of energy, but will quickly run into various problems. On the one hand their boss, the "old white man", who suppresses his employees with his firmly entrenched attitudes and authority. On the other hand, her mother, who starts the same job with her as an intern at the same time.

Makes you in a good mood because: The series is fun. Sometimes almost slapstick fun. But especially in the second season, she deals more and more with contemporary topics and finds her very own sense of humor. The funniest, however, is Nicole Richie, who more or less parodies herself in Great News.

Shes Gotta Have It

From the classic Spike Lee film to the Netflix series: The film Shes Gotta Have It has made it to a new edition after over thirty years. Despite the remake, the plot remained the same: A young artist lives in Brooklyn and expresses her sexual freedom within different love affairs that she has parallel to one another.

Makes you in a good mood because: Spike Lee is famous for his socially critical films, which he packs with humor, great soundtracks and ultra-modern imagery.

Dear White People

The series Dear White People is about a group of black students at college who sensitize white people to racism via the internal university radio under the show of the same name, "Dear White People".

Makes you in a good mood because: Here you learn a lot about racism on the one hand, and the usual college drama on the other. A light-footed series for in between, in which white people can also learn something.


A vacation spot in Italy that is only alive in summer. The Italian Netflix series takes place over a summer in which many formative things happen. First love, family, sexuality. Basically, Summertime is a shallow teen series in an Italian setting that is guaranteed to trigger the summer feeling in you.

Makes you in a good mood because: A teen series that exudes an absolute summer feeling and triggers a longing for Italy.


The participants in the Study Group of the Community College couldn't be more different. A small, motley group of students has found each other here who have only one thing in common: They are a little ashamed of being here. Community lives from the clever, bizarre and funny dialogues, the actors, and its unique narrative form.

Makes you in a good mood because: The first and second season of Community in particular are worth their weight in gold. The series is perfect for those who are in the mood for good comedy.

Grace & Frankie

At the age of 70, two women found out that their husbands were gay and that they had been having an affair with each other for twenty years. The two desperate souls, whose lives have been torn from under their feet, move into the common house by the sea, which the two families always shared. Grace and Frankie could hardly be more different - and yet they manage to become best friends and learn to enjoy life anew.

Makes you in a good mood because: one draws courage to live. Grace and Frankie prove that life at seventy can still be exciting and beautiful. We also love Jane Fonda.

Fresh Prince

The intro is legendary, the cast awesome, the show a milestone. You probably used to look for The Prince of Bel Air aka Fresh Prince just like me. I loved the '90s sitcom, mostly because of Will and Carlton, of course. Who would ever forget Carlton's dance to Tom Jones?

Makes you in a good mood because: Fresh Prince is a pure good mood sitcom. It's about keeping us entertained - and it still works to this day.


Gilmore Girls

The series from the early 2000s has rightly established itself as a popular show to this day. Lorelai and her daughter Rory are best friends and live in the small town of Stars Hollow. They both love coffee, pop culture, books, and we - we love them both. You have to love them. Lorelai, Rory and all the characters that appear in Gilmore Girls.

Makes you in a good mood because: Stars Hollow is the epitome of an ideal world that you sometimes just want to dream yourself into.

Sex Education

The high school series Sex Education only has two seasons, but the series has the potential to become a perfect comfort binging series at some point. There are many problems in this world, but there are also many solutions to these problems. It's honest, deep, and you learn a surprising amount about sex.

Makes you in a good mood because: We love high school series. And this high school show here is even smart and free of any annoying stereotypes.

Modern family

Modern Family has surprisingly managed to become a Comfort Binging series: The mocumentary-style series can boast a full 7 seasons. The family series in a small suburb of America makes fun of itself all the time and you can only love that.

Makes you in a good mood because: you love all the characters in Modern Family and find them funny. Modern Family is perfect for in between.

AJ and the Queen

There is currently only one season of the heartwarming series AJ and the Queen, but the season is full of good humor. I enjoyed the drag queen's road trip played by Ru Paul and the girl AJ. The story was unrealistic and the dialogue exaggerated, but that was kind of the magic of Netflix production. A motley fairytale dream in drag queen style.

Makes you in a good mood because: The series feels like a Disney movie produced on the show Ru Paul's Drag Race. Best of both worlds.

Please Like Me

The first time I saw Please Like Me, I was so impressed that I went straight back to the first season a short time later. And isn't that the whole idea behind Comfort Binging? Despite quite a few depressing subjects, such as the mother struggling with severe depression, the Please Like Me series deals with them in a playful and light-footed manner. After all, the negative is just as much a part of life as the positive.

Makes you in a good mood because: You love the protagonist Josh. The series is funny, beautiful and the dialogues are unbeatable.

Master of None

Comedian Aziz Ansari plays a thirty-year-old single in New York who doesn't want to be single anymore. The result is an entertaining series that deals with everyday racism, sexism and feminism before others did the same.

Makes you in a good mood because: Aziz Ansari is a comedian. You can tell. The series is fun, smart, and teaches without being instructive.

Queer Eye

The reality TV show Queer Eye exploded - and has been unstoppable ever since. Everyone loves Queer Eye. In the show, five men from the LBTQ community turn the applicants' lives upside down. They give them self-confidence, the joy of life and achieve things that previously would not have been financially possible.

Made me in a good mood because: the lives of other people is improved. How nice is that? Tears of joy are guaranteed here.

Friends from college

Unfortunately, there are only two seasons of Friends from College, but the two seasons were surprisingly fun to watch. The attempt was to create a new Friends or How I met your Mother, which could have worked. Unfortunately, Friends from College was canceled after only two seasons.

Makes you in a good mood because: The confused life of the old circle of friends invites its viewers to a cocktail of emotions that tastes better than initially thought.

Everything Sucks

How you can crush such a beautiful '90s-style high school series after just one season is a mystery to me. Shame on you, Netflix! The ratings were probably not enough, but Everything Sucks won me over not only because it was set in my childhood. It is - other than the title suggests - really fun.

Makes you in a good mood because: Everything Sucks is an ode to the 1990s. It parodies teen movies from the nineties and lets us empathize with teenagers' problems as if we were school kids again.