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How to find out the IP address of your DSL / WLAN router

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Almost all DSL and WLAN routers can be configured in the browser window. However, it is not always clear which URL you have to enter for this. That's how it's done:

EnlargeHow to find out the IP address of the DSL / WLAN router.
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In order to get to the configuration interface of the router, you only have to enter the IP address of the device in the form of "" in the address field of the browser. But what is this IP address exactly? To find out, you can just ask Windows.

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EnlargeEnter ipconfig at the command prompt and confirm. In the line "Standard gateway" you will now find out the IP address of the router.

Determine router address: To access the IP address of the router using Windows standard tools, tap the R key while holding down the Windows key. Then enter the command in the input field cmd and confirm with a click on "OK". The black window of the command prompt appears. Here type in the command ipconfig and press the Enter key. This enables you to determine all the important information about the connection to the local network. The IP address of the router can be found in the "Standard gateway" line in the form of a series of numbers separated by dots such as "". Memorize or write down this address.