What does a bad egg mean

How can you recognize rotten eggs?

You don't need a best-before date to find out whether an egg is still fresh and edible. Instead, you can use a simple trick. You can recognize rotten eggs by placing them in a glass of cold water. If the egg is on the ground, it is still fresh. On the other hand, if it is almost upright, it is a bit older and should be eaten as soon as possible. It is best to use it only for heated foods such as frittata. A delicious and decorative recipe idea for this: egg in a glass. Or as a delicious classic: eggs in mustard sauce or scrambled eggs with bacon.

Eggs that are no longer fresh can be recognized by the fact that they swim on the surface of the water. Such an egg is already several weeks old or has been stored incorrectly and should no longer be eaten, but disposed of immediately. If an egg is really rotten, you will notice this at the latest by the penetrating smell that flows towards you as soon as you open the shell.

The secret behind the trick to distinguish rotten eggs from fresh ones is the air chambers inside the egg. These increase if the egg is stored for a long period of time or if it is stored incorrectly. At some point the buoyancy of the trapped air is so high that the egg floats to the surface of the water.

If you want to check a boiled egg for its age, you have to cut it open. Then the position of the yolk reveals its freshness. If the yolk is in the middle and only a small air chamber can be seen, the egg is still fresh. In the case of older eggs, on the other hand, the yolk shifts towards the shell and the air chamber is significantly larger, as is the case with raw eggs.