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Deadly greed: review of the film on SAT.1

Four escapes want to recover a treasure that one of them hid in a church years ago. But the man dies while escaping from prison. The other gangsters force the local pastor to help them.

Thriller • February 24th, 2021 • 8:15 pm

While four gangsters of different types disguised as paramedics break out of a Hamburg prison, a pastor somewhere in the surrounding area preaches a lot about charity and faith, who does not have it easy in difficult times. "What is our faith worth when it fails, when it is difficult and cold?" He says, expressly quoting a Bonhoeffer sermon from the Third Reich. Certainly a somewhat daring opening for a psychological thriller like Thorsten Näter's "Tödliche Gier", a Wednesday film that primarily aims to entertain in an exciting way. But, because the pastor played by Harald Krassnitzer and his wife (Ann-Kathrin Kramer) and children are soon captured by the escapees, the contrast between pious charity and murderous violence can be explained very clearly.

After a long time, Harald Krassnitzer and his wife Ann-Kathrin Kramer are once again playing together in a thriller. This is not uncommon in the lighter entertainment genre. The two met during the joint filming of the SAT.1 thriller "Hurenmord - Ein Priester Schweigt" in 1998, in which Krassnitzer also played a priest under the director Josef Rödl. "We like to work together and don't have to make an artificial distinction between work and private life," says Ann-Kathrin Kramer about the collaboration with her husband. "We talk about the lyrics, sometimes we learn them together and we are happy about the intensive time together."

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In the film "Deadly Greed", of all people, the tipster of a gang of escapes is fatally injured when he breaks out of the Hamburg prison. He dies before he can name a jewel hiding place in a church ruin. The ruins no longer exist, the church has since been restored. When the rest of the escapes go looking for the renewed nave at night, they are surprised by the pastor. They force the pious man to search for them - he must know where the treasure has gone after the renovation.

The gangster actors are convincing

There is not much time left to look at this somewhat questionable story. Thorsten Näter, crime and thriller specialist for forty years, skilfully covers up the logical gap with cuts and immediately pays attention to the attacks of the villains, but also to the internal disputes in the sheltered pastor family itself. Pastor Manfred Bahnert (Harald Krassnitzer) and his wife, von Profession pharmacist (Ann-Kathrin Kramer), are confronted with allegations of their pubescent children (Sofie Eifertinger, Johannes Geller). In particular, they scratch the father's professional piety. The opponents are well structured in terms of character: the self-appointed leader (Thomas Sarbacher) is sociable and smart, his brutal friend is played by Dirk Borchardt with malicious smugness almost Hollywood-ready.

Robert, the youngest of the crooks (Leonard Carow), has to guard the pastor's wife in her pharmacy. At some point Robert reads everyone out of the adolescent daughter's diary that he found. You can read that she hates her parents' know-it-all who made her "smaller and smaller". But also that the mother is considering a divorce. Little by little, the tragedy of life beyond all-round love is demonstrated.

But there are also plenty of deaths later. The guns sit quite loosely, especially during a showdown. You shouldn't look for anything really new in this genre film. Thorsten Näter doesn't put everything on the thriller card either. But he knows how to force the viewer into a time warp with psychological precision. At some point, the feeling of real time and true terror sets in. Only the dissolution, with its water-edged coloring, turns out to be very drowsy: The pastor, who was still harshly eyed at the beginning, is allowed to stay with his congregation. At prime time in the second, every thriller still needs its cozy happy ending.

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