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Study: which online marketplace is the most popular?

Dealer Association Study: Ebay clearly wins in the marketplace comparison

Which marketplace is the most popular among German online retailers? The Händlerbund pursued this question in a new study. The 1,077 participants rated the various platforms according to activity, popularity, costs and fairness, among other things. Ebay was able to convince the most in many categories and ultimately also clinched the overall victory.

When asked which marketplaces are actively used, 84 percent of the study participants said Ebay, while Amazon came in second with 63 percent. Real (17 percent), Rakuten (16 percent) and Hood (15 percent) followed far behind. Lesser known platforms such as Crowdfox, ManoMano or Fairmondo were also mentioned here and there.

Amazon loses in 3 out of 5 categories

Broken down into different categories, a clear picture emerged: While Ebay emerged as the clear winner in the areas of usability (grade 2.2), support (2.5) and costs (2.3), the online giant Amazon could only convince in terms of sales and secure first place with a grade of 2.7. In return, the Seattle-based company came off worst of all five marketplaces examined in terms of support, costs and fairness. The online retailers surveyed chose Real as the fairest platform.

Ebay won the overall ranking of all five criteria, ahead of Real and Hood, who each shared second place with a grade of 3.1. Amazon landed next to the podium with an overall grade of 3.3, with Rakuten bringing up the rear (3.4).

Every tenth trader avoids private marketplaces

While Amazon is clearly behind its competitor Ebay from the retailer's point of view, it looks completely different from the point of view of a consumer. When asked which marketplace the participating online retailers would rate best from the consumer's point of view, 38 percent said Amazon. Although that means a good second place, the Ebay platforms (47 percent) couldn't hold a candle here either.

What is particularly astonishing, however, is the fact that many sellers who do business on marketplaces tend to avoid them privately. Ten percent of the study participants buy directly from the provider's online shop.

All results have been clearly summarized in the following infographic


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