What are pippin apples

Autumn apple 'Cox Orange Pippin'

The autumn apple 'Cox Orange Pippin' is a delicious variety with a sweet and sour, aromatic taste. The apples of the 'Cox Orange Pippin' have a yellow-red skin, are medium-sized and flat-spherical. The flesh is yellowish and juicy. The harvest time of the (bot.) Malus domestica 'Cox Orange Pippin' begins in September and lasts until October. A bit of patience is necessary, because it is only ready for consumption after storage, from December, and lasts until January. The delicious apples are suitable for fresh consumption and can be processed into compote, juice, puree and all sorts of other delicacies. The autumn apple grows moderately. Depending on the cultivated form, it reaches a height of 6 to 8 m and an equally wide width. The fruit tree forms a half-open crown structure. The autumn apple 'Cox Orange Pippin' blooms in April. During this time the tree forms wonderful white-pink flowers with which it attracts numerous bees and bumblebees.

The autumn apple 'Cox Orange Pippin' prefers a sunny to partially shaded location. The ideal subsurface is normal or light to heavy clay that is rich in nutrients and moist. The 'Cox Orange Pippin' can also cope with loamy soils. The Malus domestica 'Cox Orange Pippin' is easy to cut, robust and hardy. The autumn apple 'Cox Orange Pippin' is a delicious table apple that should not be missing in any orchard. The pretty flowers and the yellow-red delicious fruits make this autumn apple something very special.