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We reveal in our guide how you are TV series for free can watch online. The latest episodes of the favorite series used to only be seen on TV. That is why you regularly sat in front of your TV receiver at a certain time. It was only later that video, DVD and Blu-ray were added and enabled a completely new experience with time-shift television.

These methods also seem a little old-fashioned, the time has long been ripe to go one step further: all series have been around for a long time on the Internet to see. In addition to the broadcasters' official media libraries, numerous streaming portals have established themselves on the Internet. They offer a huge selection - you just have to know the right addresses.

More and more Germans only watch series online

Watching videos on the Internet: This is becoming increasingly popular in this country. While only 28 percent of Germans viewed videos on the web in 2006, the number rose to an impressive 70 percent in 2012. This is the result of the current ARD / ZDF online study 2012, which records the usage behavior of German Internet users aged 14 and over. In addition to the usual use of video portals such as YouTube What was particularly important to the respondents was the time-shifted viewing of TV programs and videos.

In our opinion, the reasons for the trend are obvious. In the meantime, there is a wide range of options for the widespread use of fast Internet access Media libraries In addition: Almost every well-known television broadcaster offers a website that allows you to watch contributions, series or films with a time delay. The constant proliferation of tablets and smart TVs, which enable easy access to the media libraries, should also contribute to the popularity of Webvideos have contributed.

Why is it so troublesome?

As practical as the media libraries are in principle, it is just as annoying that each broadcaster operates its own portal. If you want to watch your favorite series, for example, you first have to know which station the episodes are broadcast on. A common video platform several TV channels like the ones in the USA are a long way off in this country. In March 2011, for example, the Federal Cartel Office stopped a planned media library from ProSieben, Sat.1 and RTL.

Since the first big announcement in April 2012, nothing more has been heard of the online video library with the working title "Germany's Gold" planned jointly by ARD and ZDF. When it was announced, it was heavily criticized by the private broadcaster association VPRT. In Germany, users still have to deal with several different Media libraries and online video libraries mess around. A common platform, e.g. for series, remains in the land of dreams.

Quick access to media libraries

To make it easier for you to use the many media libraries, we recommend the Video Commander on the current one Booklet DVD from PCgo (Edition 1/2013). The tool gives you quick access to all important media libraries and additional offers such as YouTube, Maxdome or myVideo. The Video Commander works as a Firefox browser add-on. In order to be able to use the Video Commander, you must have installed an up-to-date version of Firefox.

To install, simply double-click on the associated XPI file in the directory on the booklet DVD or drag and drop it onto an open Firefox window. To start the Video Commander, press the "Alt" key to display the Firefox menu bar. There you start the via "Extras / Video Commander" Toolthat runs in its own window. The operation is very simple: You simply click in the menu bar on the left on the desired media library, which is started shortly afterwards.

As usual, you then choose yours in the respective offer series and looks at her. You can show or hide the menu bar at any time using the small triangle on the edge. To exit the Video Commander, click on "Close" in the lower right corner.

The biggest annoyance of the public media libraries is that many offers are only available for a limited time. Basically incomprehensible, after all, all households have to create the offer by paying the Broadcast contribution (previously broadcast license fee) already financed.

In the private sector, too, the offers are often freely accessible for a limited period of time, after which they can only be accessed for a fee. "Video-on-Demand" services such as Lovefilm, iTunes or Maxdome are an alternative. Here, too, you can download your series as Video stream on the PC or look at a notebook - of course only for a rental fee.

Free on YouTube

Before rushing to spend money, you should check whether the series you want is not available for free. The first point of contact is the YouTube video portal. Although owner Google repeatedly takes action against copyright violations, YouTube is sometimes completely unmolested for months copyrighted content offered. You can of course look at them without fear of legal consequences. However, one shouldn't be surprised if the links disappear overnight.

America - still a role model when it comes to TV series

For fans of American TV series, it is worth taking a look at the video streaming platforms Hulu.com, Sony's Crackle or The WB. Here you can see the latest episodes of many series in the original - and often for free and completely legally. There are also numerous episodes and seasons in the media libraries of the major US broadcasters ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

Advice: Bypass GEMA locks & Co. on Youtube

If you typed in the addresses right away, the disappointment is likely to be great: German users are locked out, mostly off licensing reasons. But there are a number of tools that can be used to overcome these artificial barriers. Mention should be made here of OkayFreedom from Steganos.

From A-Team to Zorro

Apart from the official portals, there are other ways to quickly watch your favorite series. The serienjunkies.org site is the first port of call for series fans. From A-Team to Zorro, you can find many here German-language TV series see for free. The well-known illegal portals on which you can watch the latest movies also offer TV series as streams. Common suspects include kinokiste.com, kinox.to, movie2k.to, or moviesdatacenter.com.

It is controversial among lawyers whether one can use such services. For private users, however, the risk of being prosecuted is low. On the one hand because of the Proof of copyright infringement is very difficult to achieve, on the other hand, because the video as a stream is only temporary and ends up in parts on the PC, which is not necessarily seen as an illegal copy.

Download the best videos

The smooth and trouble-free streaming of videos requires a reasonably fast internet connection. To watch movies in SD quality you should have at least a DSL 2000 Internet connection, which corresponds to a standard DSL connection. That is not enough for HD quality, here we recommend a DSL 16,000 connection in order to have sufficient security reserves.

But even if these requirements are met, that is no guarantee of trouble-free series enjoyment: a wide variety of bottlenecks can hinder the transmission from the worldwide data archives. In such a case, it is advisable to use the Online stream to download. That takes longer, of course, but once the film has landed on the hard drive, you can enjoy it without any problems.

Legally, saving streams as Copyright infringement For the reasons mentioned above, private users do not have to fear prosecution here either.

Aside from all legal concerns, the "StreamTransport" tool can be used to download almost any series episode - regardless of whether you are from a legal media library or one of the controversial ones Steaming portals uses. The tool works in a similar way to a browser: type in the web address of the streaming platform above and click on "Start".

An exception is Hulu.com, for which there is already a switch: Here it is sufficient to click on "Visit Hulu". So that websites can be called up that start with a Geo-IP lock one of the tools mentioned above, such as Hotspot Shield, must be running in the background. Should Okay Freedom the automatic mode must be deactivated and instead the appropriate identity must be activated manually via the system tray icon - for Hulu.com the "US identity".

If you activate the playback of the episode in the StreamTransport window, a link ("URL") appears in the lower area of ​​the StreamTransport window. Often a series episode is one Advertising upstream. Then you wait until the advertisement is over and a second or even third link appears. The desired download link can be recognized by the preceding character string "rtmp", the length of the article (Duration) or the title ("Title"). Now mark the link with the mouse so that it is highlighted in color.

Put a tick in the box in front of "Change Folder" between the buttons "Show Tasks" and "Download" at the bottom right. Then press the "Download" button. The "New Download" dialog box is used to determine the Location and name of the video on the hard drive. The download then begins. You can follow the progress of the downloads at any time using the "Show Tasks" button (bottom right).

Sometimes the videos are separated from other advertising blocks. To save the entire sequence, you have to repeat the process for each part. The downloaded videos are usually in the FLV format in front. These files can be played with the well-known VLC media player without any problems.

Serienjunkies.org: Find every episode and watch it online

Every series, every episode, every season - via the Serienjunkies.org portal you can watch almost every episode of your favorite series for free in your web browser. This offer should not be confused with the similar-sounding industry service, Serienjunkies.de: Although this is a great site for TV series, there are no full episodes to be seen there, at most trailers.

A List of new episodes displayed. In the "Search" field further to the right, type in the name of the series you are looking for. Once you have found it, you can use three drop-down fields to sort the display according to seasons, episodes and language. In addition, you can limit the display using the "Downloads only" and "Streams only" buttons.

Occasionally the links to the video streams offered do not work. If multiple links are displayed, you have to click through to a working stream. Incidentally, the films are not stored on the website of Serienjunkies.org, but at Hosters like Uploaded, Bitshare or Movshare. Forwarding takes place there as soon as the user clicks on a link under "Hoster".

Alternatively, a download is usually offered, which often leads to Usenet or one-click hosters, some of which are subject to a charge. The password to unzip downloaded files is usually "serienjunkies.org" - unless otherwise stated. To the Unzip you need a tool like Winrar or IZarc.

With watching streams with serial junkies. org one moves in a legal gray area, the download is more critical. Therefore, please note the information in the article.

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