Should nasal spray sting

Tips for proper nose care

Provide a good nasal climate

Similar to the ears, the nose cleans itself with the help of nasal hairs and cilia, but supportive care of the nose makes perfect sense. Above all, it is important to keep the mucous membrane of the nose always moist. If it dries out too much, which is quickly the case in heated or air-conditioned rooms, the ability to clean itself is impaired. This allows dirt particles, pollutants and pathogens to linger longer in the nose and thus lead to infections.

It is advisable to drink a lot. Because the absorbed water keeps the mucous membranes moist and the nasal secretions thin. With nasal sprays containing sea salt, you can also keep the nasal mucous membrane from drying out and free it from mucus. Nourishing nasal sprays with the active ingredient dexpanthenol or various oils such as citrus oil, sesame oil, sage oil, etc. also protect the mucous membranes. Decongestant nasal sprays or drops, on the other hand, should only be used for a short time because they dry out the mucous membrane and make it dependent.

Nasal douche: treatment for the nose

In the case of dry nasal mucous membranes, we recommend rinsing for nasal hygiene, also called nasal showers. They are a spa vacation for the nose. Because they free the nasal passages of excess mucus and liquefy the nasal secretions that have hardened into crusts and crusts. They are washed out and with them pollutants, pathogens and other unwanted visitors in the nose.

In addition, nasal rinses relieve the attacked cells of the nasal mucosa, so that they regenerate again and are supported in their defense function. It is no coincidence that regular nasal rinses are an effective measure to prevent sinus infections and other diseases of the nose and ears.

Ready-made nasal showers can be bought at the pharmacy. But you can also add freshly boiled, lukewarm water in a clean beaker with a knife point of table salt (1% solution) and pour the salt solution into your hand - preferably over the sink. Then you pull the solution up vigorously with one side of your nose, spit out and then it's the other side's turn. The nasal showers should best be carried out in the morning immediately after getting up. This will take some getting used to at first, but it quickly turns into the morning routine - like brushing your teeth.