What is the use of a holder


You can also use the optional cutter knife holder for standard cuts and the cutter knife holder for deep cuts to cut the material with ScanNCut DX. When cutting the material with these cutting knives, you can adjust the knife scale setting and cutting pressure setting using the table below.



Combination of mat, cutting knife and cutting pressure

This table provides general guidelines. Before building your project, do a test on the same material.




Material and strengthmat
(for ScanNCut DX)
Type of cutting knifeKnife scale adjustmentCutting pressure adjustment
Normal adhesive matSlightly adhesive mat
Printer paper80 g / m²
(0.1 mm)
Cutting knife for standard cuts (turquoise)


Scrapbook paper
120 g / m²
Scrapbook paper
200 g / m²
(0.25 mm)
Cardboard (thin)200 g / m²
(0.25 mm)
280 g / m²
(0.35 mm)
Vellum, tracing paper0.07 mm 30
Poster board (thin)280 g / m²
(0.35 mm)
Poster board (thick)400 g / m²

* 1 When cutting smooth paper




Fabric * 2

* 2 When cutting fabric, use the sheet for fabric cutting.
For more information on cutting fabric, see Cutting a thin piece of fabric for quilting and Cutting a piece of fabric that will not be used for quilting .





The settings shown in the table are estimates. The setting varies depending on the type and thickness of the material to be cut. First, perform the trial cutting.

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Adjusting the cutting knife


  1. Remove the protective cap.

    • Remove the protective cap from the cutting knife holder before inserting it into the machine carriage.
    • Make sure that small children / children do not put the protective caps in their mouths.

  2. Hold the holder with the reference line facing you and rotate the cap to the right to extend the knife tip to its maximum length.

    (1) reference line

    (2) Extend the knife tip to the maximum length.


  3. Check the thickness of the material and then adjust the knife length.

    (1) Turn to the left to reduce the knife length.

    (2) Turn to the right to increase the knife length.

    Adjust the knife length so that it is a little larger than the thickness of the material to be cut. Use the markings on the holder for adjustment.

    (1) End of the holder cap
    (2) The material to be cut
    (3) Length of the knife tip

    Make sure that the knife does not protrude too far. You can also cut with the knife if it only protrudes slightly from the holder. If the knife is extended too far, it can break off.

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Inserting the holder into the machine


Adjust the knife length, and then insert the holder into the machine.



  1. Press on the control panel to turn on the machine.
    • Be sure to turn on the machine before inserting the holder.
    • If the holder is used with the machine switched off, the knife may break and the material may not be cut cleanly.

  2. Hold the holder by the holder handle and insert it into the cart. If the holder lock lever is not raised, raise it. The holder cannot be used when the lever is down.
    (1) handle

  3. Press down on the holder lock lever. Press it down firmly until it clicks into place.
    (1) Holder lock lever

  • After you have removed the holder for the cutting knife from the machine, make sure to retract the cutting knife into the holder and put on the protective cap.
  • Do not leave the cutting knife extended. Failure to do so could result in injury.
  • Make sure that small children / children do not put the protective caps in their mouths.

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Adjusting the cutting pressure setting


  1. Touch on the test screen to display the settings screen.

  2. Touch or For Cutting pressure (man. Knife) to adjust the cutting pressure, and then touch the OK-Button.

  3. Attach the material to the mat and insert the mat.

  4. Perform test / trial cut.

    For more information on the trial cut, see How can I make a test cut? .
    If the material cannot be cut cleanly, easily adjust the knife length or cutting pressure setting.
    • If the knife length is too long, the knife will penetrate the mat, damaging the knife and mat. When adjusting the knife, increase the length by 0.5 marks.
    • If part of the material is not cut, increase the cutting pressure by 1.
    • If the entire pattern does not cut, increase the Knife Length setting by 0.5 marks.


  5. Cut the pattern when the result of the test / trial cut is satisfactory.

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