Which functions are not available on WhatsApp

Apps / software WhatsApp does not work - what to do?


The messenger service WhatsApp now has over two billion users worldwide. People use the service to stay in touch - all the more annoying when it doesn't work. This problem can have various causes - we are going to show you 7 ways to get WhatsApp working again.

Check internet connection

In order to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, your mobile phone needs to be connected to the Internet. If the app is not sending or receiving messages, you should check the internet connection. See the Settings or on yours Taskbar to. If the Wi-Fi or cellular data icons are grayed out, tap them to connect to the Internet.

Restart your smartphone

Sounds very simple, but often helps with problems: Restart your phone. With the iPhone, you have to turn the phone off and then on again. In this way, the operating system can shut down and start up again and rearrange itself. Android devices offer an extra restart option. After restarting, open WhatsApp and check if the app is now working.

Install WhatsApp updates

If WhatsApp isn't working, it could be because important updates weren't installed. To check for new updates, go to the Playstore (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) of your smartphone. If your WhatsApp version is out of date, this will also be displayed when you start the app and you can update it directly.

Update outdated operating system

If your smartphone is older, WhatsApp may no longer support the operating system on it. In the settings of your smartphone you can check whether new updates are available.

clear cache

If WhatsApp gets stuck when starting, it may be due to a memory error. You can fix it by using the Clear cache (background memory). To do this, open the Settings Your smartphone. On an Android device, tap on "Apps". Now select in the tab above"All apps", scroll down the list to WhatsApp and tap on it. In the subsequent menu, select"Storage"and then bottom right"clear cache"On iOS, you can only clear the iPhone's entire cache.

Reinstall the app


In a pinch, it can help to completely reinstall WhatsApp. If you can open the app, you can create a backup before uninstalling to save your chats. How to create a WhatsApp backup, read here. To uninstall the app, press and hold the app icon until further options appear. Then select "Uninstall"or"Remove appThen open the Playstore (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) and search for WhatsApp to reinstall it.

WhatsApp server disturbed?

It happens now and then that the messenger does not work for many users at the same time. The cause here can be, for example, an overloaded server. You can find out whether your problem is related to such a WhatsApp malfunction, for example on the Netzwelt website. If so, then it only helps to wait and see.