Why do cats gather at night

Why do cats' eyes sparkle in the dark?

As with other nocturnal or crepuscular animals, cats' eyes sparkle in the dark. But why ?
According to legend, a long time ago, cat eyes did not twinkle at all and they had great difficulty hunting at night. One day the famous Zeus came floating from Mount Olympus on his cloud and gathered all the animals of the kingdom together. He promised to grant every animal a wish. After the tigers who wanted stripes and the elephants who wanted a trunk, the cats asked him to be able to see only at night. And so Zeus threw a flash in the eyes of every single cat around the world, which only light up at night.
Unfortunately, this beautiful story is just pure legend and the truth lies more in the structure of your eyes.
Cat eyes, like our eyes, have a retina. This is a fine conjunctiva that is about ½ mm thick and covers ¾ of the inner eye.
The peculiarity of cats is located directly behind this conjunctiva, where another yellow-greenish retina is hidden, which in science «tapetum lucidum "Is called and"luminous carpet »Means. This consists of fifteen layers of cells that reflect the light like a mirror.
If you illuminate the cats' eyes at night, part of the light is reflected by the cells of the "luminous carpet" and they sparkle. Thanks to this property, cats can see 6 times better in the dark than we humans.
But beware, Cats may see very well in the dark, but in the dead of night they see no more than we do humans.