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Ifeu study confirms Tetra Recart's good ecological balance

A particular focus of the presentation was on the results of the European market and the environmental performance of the Tetra Recart food carton compared to alternative packaging, such as glass or cans. Tetra Recart is a lightweight cardboard packaging from Tetrapak for canned food.
The study was carried out by ifeu and examined the environmental performance of this packaging for the German, Italian and especially for the European market. It has been subjected to a critical assessment in accordance with ISO 14040/14044.

The ecological evaluation of packaging and its optimization with regard to its environmental performance (material selection, improvement of functionality, weight optimization, etc.) is a research and consulting field that has been established at ifeu for years. Ifeu supports and advises numerous packaging manufacturers and users in reducing their environmental impact by choosing a sustainable product portfolio. Both fossil-based and bio-based solutions are evaluated using the life cycle assessment method, among other things.
Ifeu also advises its customers on the effects that developments in Europe and worldwide, as well as with regard to methodological aspects in the life cycle assessment at international level, may have for their products (PEF, ILCD, ISO 14046 etc.). Ifeu was involved in the development of minimum requirements for future beverage packaging eco-balances for the Federal Environment Agency.