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Paperless office - are you a pioneer too?

Anyone in Germany on the subject paperless officespeaks, you can't ignore André Nünninghoff and the Paperless Pioneers. A lot has happened since our interview with André 2 years ago: The community moved from Slack to Ryver and then to Facebook, the Paperless Pioneers Podcast (PPP) has become a fixture and the third Paperless Pioneers Conference (PPC) recently took place in Berlin instead. We are somehow involved everywhere, so here is a brief overview of what is currently going on as part of our partnership with the Paperless Pioneers.

Paperless Pioneers Podcast: Episode 110

Here you can listen to our new favorite episode of PPP and keep browsing this post. By the way, it's worth listening to the end, because there is a FastBill goodie!

Why your tax advisor also likes to work paperless!

Favorite episode especially because we can hear from the start how host André and his guests René (CEO FastBill) and Christian (tax advisor DHW) actually have a common vision: to simplify entrepreneurship in Germany. André makes this possible with the Paperless Pioneers by implementing the necessary tools and the right mindset for the paperless office in companies, Christian completely redefines tax advice for entrepreneurs through digital processes and René is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs use our FastBill software do their accounting.

The perfect basis for an exciting conversation at eye level. Despite the supposedly dry topics and their advanced length, the episode remains consistently entertaining and informative.

Of course, the three of them also talk about our links with the DHW Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. In addition, there are many different topics: Replacing scanning and the general handling of digital and analog documents, automation of accounting and collaboration, the question of why FastBill was created in the first place and what a tax consultant actually does and why tax consultants are more than "just" accountants .

If it were just the bookkeeping, we'd be done with everything quickly.

- Christian Deák

More than just an accountant

What Christian brings to the point also sums up the interlinking with FastBill very well. The tax advisor is more than just an accountant. Even if other activities often fade into the background due to the high volume of documents that have to be processed. And that's exactly what we often take with us from customer discussions with FastBill users who are looking for a tax advisor. You want real advice and not someone who just sorts receipts.

Because for that, and Christian says in the podcast, the tax advisor is actually too expensive. He also doesn't want to be the tax advisor the client is afraid of when he sees his number on the display. And this is exactly where we start with FastBill. For only 99 euros per month (with FastBill Premium) we take the stress and fear out of the relationship with your tax advisor. So you no longer have to hide in front of your phone around the 10th of the month, but receive different reports from your FastBill Assistant twice a month.

In the reports you can see directly which documents are still missing and whether there are still open items. At your request, we will even transfer the data directly to the tax advisor. And on the next phone call, you simply plan your future as an entrepreneur instead of dealing with the mistakes of the past. Because your tax advisor can finally be more than just an accountant again, no longer has to sort your receipts and thus has time again for real advice.

Would you like to find out more about our solution and the interlinking with DHW Steuerberatungsgesellschaft? Then arrange your personal consultation. We call you!

Paperless Pioneers Conference # 03

We are not only enthusiastic about the podcast of the Paperless Pioneers, the associated conference is also great! We were represented as a sponsor with a booth, were able to present our platform to interested participants and, thanks to the keynote speakers, were also able to learn a lot ourselves.

The godfather of the paperless office himself: André Nünninghoff

If you want to know what exactly was going on, you can still find the website of the event here. If you are interested, you can secure permanent access to the keynotes including videos, presentations, sketchnotes and interviews with all speakers.

One of our personal highlights are definitely the sketch notes by Susanne Speer from designpiranha.de. A very great idea to summarize the lectures!

Sketchnote "Working effectively in a paperless office"

Paperless Pioneers Community

As a community partner of the Paperless Pioneers, we would also like to recommend the Facebook group to you. Anyone who already works paperless or would like to work paperless in the future should take a look and become a pioneer themselves!