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The Theory of practice for young managers

ThePractice logy

A proven guide for success

Life management


Otto Buchegger, Tübingen

3rd edition 2009

The The first book edition appeared in 2000 under the title “But why has

Nobody told me that before ?! ”In the meantime there are some chapters

dropped out, new ones have been added, almost all of them have been revised and updated

been. Originally this was a script for engineering

Students, in its current form it is universal enough for everyone

other interested readers who have a career and

maybe want to become a leader.

ThePractice logy is ideal as a gift for the curious and

educated people of all ages and all disciplines. With

This book edition can now be viewed again without a computer

get inspired by the many thoughts presented.

No guarantee can be given for the advice and information

become. Liability of the author for personal injury, property damage and financial loss

is therefore excluded.

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You can only be successful if you can master your daily life well. Theser

Thought motivated me to focus on proven management principles

To transfer everyday life and also to private life.

The Readers I would like to address are those

who like to work more effectively and be happy and successful at the same time

want. The are willing to learn and apply what they have learned.

Young people in particular will appreciate the knowledge presented

knowledge. In their training they often have little about practical skills

Management methods heard, but knowledge about it will

be decisive for their professional and personal success.

All the methods presented have been tried and tested. My guidelines

were: Practical - Simple - Human. Was on fashion gags

largely omitted. However, there is no warranty or guarantee for

accepted the suggestions. They are to be understood as tips that one can

can, but does not have to.

The term PRAXILOGIE for the theory of practice or also the

Science of Practice has only been used by me since 1997. The

Much of the content of this book is also available free of charge on the Internet.

With this printed edition, I am fulfilling the wish of many

Internet surfer.

Lots of clever people have been with me Practice logy helped!

Thank you very much!

Otto Buchegger, Tübingen

Correct action is the result of correct knowledge!


theory and practice

My long academic training (I only started my professional life when I was 29

joined) and the titles thus acquired (Dipl.-Ing. der

Communications engineering, doctor of technical sciences) got me

often brought in the appearance of alienation from life. That's how i felt

then often challenged to tackle and tackle practical problems

to solve.

I got the impression that there was a Practice logy, one

Theory of practice, there. One could, for example, Murphy's laws

("Everything that can go wrong goes wrong") counts. Later got

I learned that knowledge in dealing with complex problems

are actually generally applicable.

But not only the theoretical knowledge of the psychology of complexity,

but also a lot of wisdom, from the Bible to

Oracle books (e.g. I Ching), from proverbs, aphorisms to

Calendar sayings contain useful instructions in the fight against

practical problems.

Above all, the knowledge of the people has an important part in the

Solution. That's why I mainly focus on the human component of the

Management left a lot of space.

One would assume that psychology already has many answers ready

Has. But I cannot generally confirm that. The Psychologists and

medical professionals, like most other scientists, do know

infinitely much in detail about people, but I missed them

the big overview and a knowledge of connections. On the other hand

I was able to learn a lot from the people, their success or their

Survival even depends directly on the knowledge of people.

Nothing is more practical than correct theory.

In practice, the side effects are often more important than that

Main effects.

The Practice primarily sees the results, less the intention,

the goal or the mission.


Topics of the Practice logy

In addition to Practical - Simple - Human, the following guidelines were included

the choice of content is considered:

• From the abstract to the concrete, from the general to the


• Many topics and these more overarching than one topic in-depth.

• Everything presented is very simplified.

The human aspects are in the foreground.

• Much is (m) a personal opinion.

• Provide examples and questions to reflect on what has been read


• Many topics came as suggestions from my readers

and readers.

The Statements of the Practice logy appear very trivial, but contain a lot

Wisdom. It will be difficult to understand the solutions offered

if you don't know the problem. Only when you already have the problem

Once you have had it yourself, the solutions are given the right value.

It will be especially for young readers with little experience

it can be difficult to accept the knowledge offered by a stranger.

TheIt is also sensible that way, as there are many signposts in

to lead astray. Therefore I would like to emphasize here that no ideological

or religious references are particularly important when writing them down


What was important, however, was what works in our western environment,

and what with some likelihood in the life of academics

will occur.

ThePractice logy differs from many other books on the

Topic management, among other things, by not describing how the

The world should actually be, but primarily reflects my personal one

Opinion on how the world really is and how it works. you

has found a continuation in "Globismus" (


Life management

The term life management is the translation of “LIFE

MANAGEMENT". Thethis term is rarely used here, man

rather speaks of self-management.

Why is this an interesting topic? In my lectures on project management

I have found that the management methods,

which you can use for yourself personally, got the greatest interest.

The Application to your own personal life promises

but the greatest benefit.

Many people put more effort into planning one

Vacation than in planning her whole life.

Germany has a long tradition in this field. The knowloedge

of life management was often considered secret, i.e. esoteric

Knowledge treated. It was passed on in circles, lodges and schools

and one was an initiate if one had it. Nearly

I have the impression that even today life management--

Techniques belong to the secret techniques. There is indeed in the

In the meantime, courses above this, but at prices that are not all

can afford. But to compensate for this, there is very good literature.

The Passing on knowledge from person to person works

bad. Even in companies that attach great importance to further training,

the experience of individuals in this field is hardly reminiscent of the

Passed on to colleagues. The There are many reasons

One of the main reasons is for sure that you have a personal competitive advantage

does not like to give up, but so does the conflict

intergenerational plays a role.

Old, experienced people in particular would be a good source of information.

But they often want to keep their knowledge so that they can benefit from the younger ones

are not left behind and the boys often accept what is offered

Nor do the ancients know because they no longer feel it is current.


For others, the topic may be too trivial to talk about

would have to talk. But the fact is that young professionals in particular do little too

experience the topic. I have been following the trends of the

Pursued life management. About time management and financial management

one seems meanwhile back to the basic objectives

to return, namely the search for the personal


The only person ...

... who has been with me all my life,

... who has the greatest responsibility for me,

... who always takes care of me,

... who means well to me,

... who should really know me

... that I have to rely on

Life management is the prerequisite for any other management task

and for a successful and satisfying life. Because

only those who can control themselves can also do so for others. Who messy

dealing with himself creates chaos everywhere else.

It remains a manager who cannot organize himself

not for too long, either because it won't be successful or because

they deplete their own resources and for health

Reasons then have to give up.

But not only managers have to be able to manage themselves.

Everyone who is working has to do it and also become a non-working person

take advantage of life management methods. The ideal

The target group for learning life management methods are young people,

academic career starters and students in higher semesters.

For a lifetime they can take advantage of what is acquired

Draw knowledge. Some of the things in this book will be negative. Lots of warnings

may put off readers who are not used to this style.

But better warned in advance than regretted afterwards!


... am just myself!

Those who have no experience have made too few mistakes to see

that a methodology can bring benefits. So becomes someone who already

has made a lot of mistakes in one area, be more willing to learn,

how to avoid mistakes. Many people only develop with them

Help a coach's willingness to change and move on

to develop.

What you don't learn in school

I went to school for a long time, but I have a lot there

important things not learned. Even a good academic education

leaves a lot open, which usually only occurs in professional life

is trained.

The greatest deficiency is knowing about yourself: who you are

actually, what makes you happy is where you build your future

becomes. There is a lack of knowledge of one's own flaws and strengths, what one

actually want yourself and to what extent you only want and

Projections from others, for example parents, fulfilled.

The choice of partner also falls during the time of young adulthood. And

we painfully notice our lack of training in sexual matters.

Our training leaves us in the dark about this, too.

And how do I make friends? Which friends should I choose?

Where can I find this?

At a young age you are more likely to be healthy than later. Here is the

Main question: How do I maintain my health, how do I not add to it

Harm to? Many of the habits of youth will make you (the

According to the character of the book, I have the informal address

chosen) for a lifetime. And a lot of decisions that

being felled at a young age are vital.

Actually, it is already determined in the years between 20 and 30

what death you are likely to die. The Inherited assets

by parents, the choice of diet and hobbies that

Choice of profession and place of residence will be decisive, like you

will end your life too.


TheIt's typical of any type of management that decisions are great

have long-range effects. What is decided today can be under

May not be payable for 20 years. 'Cause everything we do

has consequences.

Almost every young person has a lot of catching up to do in terms of communication skills.

This includes knowledge of body language, experience

in acting, knowledge of human nature.

Specifically, the experience that can be had while acting are

priceless for everyday work. Because who knows, for example, like him

works or what effects it can achieve will depend on how you deal with it

do it much easier with fellow human beings.

Legible handwriting and the

Ability to read quickly and a lot. It is not in everyday working life

unusual for a book of 500 pages or an extensive internet presence

has to be worked through superficially in one day

and for that you have to be able to read really quickly.

Typing also needs to be practiced at a young age. Almost every academic

Profession requires the writing of any texts by means of

Computers and those who can type faster have undeniable advantages.

The safe use of a PC, as well as the Internet, will

taken for granted anyway.

Since successful people will also travel often, language skills are knowledge

necessary about foreign cultures and foreign countries. Also one

some practice on how to travel effectively and safely. Driver's license and

Safe driving skills are required everywhere.

Managers often live alone. Basic knowledge of how to be yourself

Can run the household or, for example, be abroad

Being able to cook favorite foods yourself are great for your own good


It's frustrating to read too much of what there is left to do.

Therefore, I want to state the procedure at this point, how

one can successfully fight against this frustration.


I write every educational gap that I would like to close as TODO

(i.e. to do) in my schedule book. A word, a sentence is on

The beginning is enough to start the thought process, which then ultimately

will close this gap. However, that's not all

done. Much is only achieved through constant practice and constant improvement

to routine. Only then does the knowledge or ability belong

me! But if you are not ready to take this first step, writing it down

do, he can put this guide aside again right away.

At the end of the day, professional experience becomes the key knowledge

bring, but some things can be prepared and this is what this book is about

help. Always provided that good manners are part of it

also accepted eating habits to support you on the way up

become. The Importance of good behavior, empathy

and respect for fellow human beings, today often also social people

I will often emphasize competence in the following.

I already want to answer the magic words "THANK YOU, PLEASE,


Their absence has many careers and many personal relationships

ended early!

to eat and drink

TheThis chapter, of course, cannot provide a solid education in good

Substitute behavior, eating habits training, or even a cooking class.

But I will at least give some suggestions on the field

of eating and drinking.

Knowledge in this field is absolutely necessary to alongside the

To maintain health, above all, the joy of life. For executives

in addition, they often have to eat on official occasions

and always be observed critically. Take it

always - whether they want it or not - to set an example. Bad

Morals can quickly destroy any career, or at least that one

Ridicule incumbent.

Occasionally you will - usually with a partner - also over dinner

tested. If you can, you quickly visit the again beforehand


Locality. You will be amazed if you already know your way around.

But, as we'll see with future trends, too, is the food

itself an important trend indicator. Continuing education in this sector is

So there is always professional training, even if the tax office does

does not look like that. Successful companies mean good ones

Food recognized and therefore often offer their own services, e.g. a

excellent cafeteria.

You don't learn to eat and drink when you are young. The Culture of youth

does not value it at all and well-intentioned attempts by the

Parents; to train young people for this; are normally to

Doomed to failure. Just the example of the parents, their own zest for life

thus, can have a motivating effect for the young people.

As in the sex sector, adults have to have theirs

Take the training into your own hands. There are two factors involved

very helpful:

• The cooking

• Eating in groups

Good food and good cooking go hand in hand. Only through your own

Cooking is understood to be good food and only becomes possible through good food

to perfect his cooking skills. So I can all mine

Readers, men as well as women, just encourage yourself

to keep busy with cooking.

The nice thing about cooking is that you can use your own creativity and art

can also enjoy it yourself! There are few other arts, at

where this is the case! Cooking helps to make good social contacts

and can help in old age to provide for themselves for a long time. Although good

Cooking is often quite expensive, but you can have the knowledge in it too

to use it to save and still feel right and healthy


Another aspect of one's own cooking skills is that one is not like that

other people, be they parents, spouses or institutions


such as canteens or restaurants. You win with it

a great deal of freedom to shape good survival!

I put this section on food at the beginning because he

is a typical example of many youth educational gaps. Who himself

Many people can take care of further training here at an early stage

Save problems in life!

It is very likely that a young person still has a lot to learn

has what he urgently needs. Driving is part of it, everyone should

Can swim and ride a bike, know about sports, maybe

can also play a musical instrument. Good computer skills

are assumed everywhere and are also often present. With the

Foreign languages ​​are not looking so good.

So there is still a lot to learn and tackle, and we are in the process of doing it

the Practice logy help!

Good luck with it and, above all, have fun!


Management basics

Some theory will be useful in the later chapters. The hit

Selection brings those basics that are generally applicable.

Particularly for young people, a lot of importance is attached to questions about the future

and placed on the management of change.

The management circle describes a model for the various sections

almost every activity, project or process, or even

any improvement. There are three fundamentally different sections

distinguish. Before the actual execution, there is the planning

Phase, also called thinking ahead or proactive phase. The

The execution phase or the active phase is always the focus. your

is therefore given the greatest attention.

After it comes the processing phase or post-active phase. In

it is checked whether the result is achieved and it is considered

what could have been improved. Also consider how to do that

can use the result achieved in a new and different way (reusability),

are appropriate here. Usually that circle closes and how


a spiral becomes, after making the necessary changes,

started all over again.

Young people often have big problems, more than the active phase too

register and thereby make serious misjudgments

for the necessary effort. But who's only ever hungry in

the cafeteria has breastfed does not see that they are first getting food

shopping, then preparing the dish, then back to the kitchen

need to clean up and dispose of the garbage to just some pro- and

to name post-active phases.

They are taken over from the Japanese quality management

Phases also called PLAN, DO, CHECK, and ACT for the new beginning.

The circle is then divided into four and is called in this form

Deming circle, named after the pioneer of quality management. Ever

Depending on the type of task, the phases will be of different duration and also

Have importance. It is unlikely, however, that a single

Phase fails completely.

For the private sector, the extension of the proactive phase is great

essential. Here it is decided what the goals and content are and

which path to take to reach them.

But emphasizing the post-active phase can also have very good effects

achieve. Much order and experience can be gained

if active phases are immediately concluded with a post-active phase


For example, after the party (active phase), it is tidied up immediately

(post-active phase). Due to the rapid establishment of the initial state

no work is postponed and there is less that

Risk of overload in the future.


A management model

In this picture, a turbine that is powered by the water is the

comes from a container to illustrate the management tasks

elected. Using this model, some terms are explained,

that are important for management. As is the case with every model

this can only be used to a limited extent and above all for production aspects


PRODUCTION POTENTIAL is necessary to do anything at all

to be able to produce. This normally includes capital and knowledge

and ability, but also e.g. contacts and motivation.

The PRODUCTION is the activity that produces those results

are desired, as in the example, the generation of electricity.

EFFICIENCY means that there are no or few losses, for example

no waste, no waste. Efficient and productive

one is e.g. by (some food for thought)

• Simplify, generalize

• Recycle, build up


• Networking, openness

• No waste, no breaks, no losses

• Know and love the product, the organization etc.

• Secure, protect, educate, keep healthy

The See and use opportunities

• Start early, no interruptions

• Continuous and non-hectic work

• No overload

• Joy, fun, fairness, success, recognition

• Solutions to real problems and for many people affected

• Quick decisions

• No disruptions, wrong turns, mistakes, ideologies

• No legal disputes

• No internal disputes, quick escalation decisions

• No espionage and no betrayal

• No lengthy staff debates

• Constant renewal and adaptation to changes

• Provide inheritance and succession

In summary, the tasks are: With a view to the future - im

close contact with customers and employees - build up production potential

and convert it efficiently into production.

Looking into the future is important because this is the only way to ensure it

that I am prepared for change. The close contact with

Customers is essential, because that's the only way I know what my customers are

need. And since almost every work is done by several people

close contact with employees is just as vital.

For short periods of time it is possible to use one of the three aspects of production potential,

Neglecting production or efficiency without being equal

to perish. Unfortunately, this leads to production potential in particular

to the fact that it is neglected and then causes irreparable damage.

Many companies, but also people, live “by hand in the

Mouth ”and care too little about their ability to achieve something


Without production, nothing will work very quickly, which is why this also applies

her main focus. Since only it brings in money in the short term, will


likes to neglect the other aspects. But without investing in that

Potential, i.e. the ability to do something and in efficiency, i.e. in

Improvements, success won't last long.

These is especially important for life management. The right one

Choice of further development of production potential and efficiency

How long a person will successfully do something will be decisive

Can "produce", e.g. earn money.

It is important to find a balance in which all aspects are appropriate

must be taken into account. The Emphasis on just one

Part of it will lead to failure, at least in the long term.

Resource Management

Resources are meant here in a very general way. They are the classic ones

Resources and goods, but also skills. They are often called resource managers

also carers, they care about something

important is.

One of the most essential aspects of a resource is that it is as such

is identified. Only when it is clear that they are important or scarce

Is good, a carer will find himself. The Air, for example, becomes so long

not considered an important good as long as there are enough of them and

the quality of the air is good. Only with air pollution does it become

a resource to take care of. In fact, all of them have

Large cities departments that have to carry out this task.

If there are not enough resources, then the most important one becomes

Be the task of creating them. If there is already enough, then will

maintaining a resource will be the most important task. Is too much

of a resource there, then it will be necessary to provide the abundance

his care costs money to sell again.

A resource whose maintenance - relative to its value - is low

Representing effort is money. So it is almost always worth it to add surplus

Turning Resources into Money.

There should be as much as needed at all times, but not too much

Resources are available. Because too much, that also means too much


maintenance effort, so as little as possible is worth striving for

Aim. For security reasons or for convenience, you will

Create important or vital resources twice so that im

In the event of a crisis, survival can still take place.

Resources that are not preserved are lost to the owner.

But skills or rights can also be lost if yours

Exercise is not done regularly. The Americans have

for the sex life of aging people therefore the meaningful saying: Use

it - or loose it!

A loss is always probable and then even makes sense,

when the maintenance effort becomes greater than the usefulness of the resource.

For example, contact with fellow human beings (this is also

an important resource) if it becomes a burden.

The Regular maintenance of a resource requires discipline. The

The pianist, for example, will regularly play his studies in order to practice

stay. The painter will exercise his skills regularly

and improve. The Resource of artistic creativity remains

only obtained if it is constantly trained with discipline.

It is interesting for success to develop those skills

which are already best developed. Theto improve these resources,

which are already very good. These products to advertise the best

to run. TheThis type of resource management selection is not intuitive

to see. Their justification lies in the competitive advantage of

Top performance and top positions.

Often it is not at all clear in the continuum of a development that to

many resources are available. It is very helpful then with

Ceilings to ensure that resources are not unlimited

are accumulated. A small department, for example, is constantly growing. Around

Curb uncontrolled growth, it is determined that the

Department may not have more than 15 people. These head count leaves

open what people will work in this department, them

only restricts the number and thus reduces the problems that arise with

large departments would arise.


Those who take care of a resource should like it too, maybe even

love so that they really care for the good of the resource entrusted to them

enter fully. Occasionally you need abstract resources

give meaning so that everyone understands what they would miss,

when you no longer have it. This also includes finding ways

make abstract resources visible and present them in such a way that

its importance is recognized. You only protect what you value and

you only value what you know.


A group that is on their own becomes one very quickly

Leader, in this case he is called the informal leader. In

Many experiments have discovered that a group is always that

Selects the people who will bring her the most benefit.

It can be useful that the group is led in the most secure manner,

that the group is best represented externally by the manager

becomes that the manager performs the best, the best

Has expertise. But also that the manager has the most opinions

takes the view that it can express what all or at least the

most think and that it can prevail. The place for leadership

is therefore always in the middle and not extreme.

If the situation changes, the requirements also change

executive. That is, a leader who works in different

To exist, positions must have a large repertoire of skills

to have. There are many types of leadership. In the economy, in the

In politics, in science, a different profile will be required everywhere.

In addition to the professional competence of a manager, there is above all social competence

Competence is important. The right way to deal with people, especially with

People in difficult situations and with difficult people is

inevitable. For example, a manager has to calm down disputes

can recognize when disputes exist and occasionally

being able to overlook something.

Dealing with problems with and between people needs to be learned

and be practiced. That is why everyone should in the course of their training

Look for “playgrounds” where social skills can be developed without major damage

can be developed. All groups in which are suitable for this


People come together, from the club, the class, the family, up to

to political or religious organization.

The We have basic social skills in the family, in kindergarten

and learned at school. Actually, we shouldn't

stop educating ourselves in social skills. In professional life

the tuition for this is often too expensive, so it is recommended afterwards

uncritical, other training places. In these environments

mistakes are more easily forgiven and we dare to

to gain more learning experience. This also includes adapting to

different environments, also different people. The Language becomes

must be different depending on the audience, the manager of

be accepted and understood by different people.

Should an official manager be appointed for a group, so

it is wise to use an informal guide. So that's it

a major hurdle for the manager's success, namely recognition

of employees to win, taken.

However, this will not always be possible, especially if the

Leader not the group interests, but e.g. the interests

the shareholders should represent, for example when notices are made

or even plant closings have to be made.

Leadership also takes over who is able to ask the right questions

put. To ask the crucial question at the right moment is

Not always easy, but a tried and tested means to lead the way

Hand to take.

The The main questions are:

• WHAT is done, should be done (by when, where should

lead it)?

• HOW should it be done (who should do it, with which


• And the hardest question is always WHY? So that should

to handle carefully.

• For all questions, it is wise to go for a quantification or

Looking for measurability, and then the question always arises:



Anyone who asks may occasionally make himself unpopular, but he shows

thereby interest and the ability to think along. Who the right

Asks questions, demonstrates that he or she understands the problem!

Management by ...

As for any other important and complex task, to solve it

the Practice logy serves, everyone will be happy to help when it comes to management issues

available knowledge is used to solve existing problems.

In fashion waves, one topic always comes to the fore

pushed, which many authors like to pounce on because

these books sell well.

There is hardly any knowledge of psychology, economics,

the art of war, politics, but also many others

Sciences that would not be relevant to management issues.

And so the respective fashion waves with Management by ...

dismissed. But there are two main concepts for western companies

gained great importance and have remained important over the ages.

These are the management with target agreements (Management by

Objectives) and the related agreement of exceptional conditions

(Management by Exception), where the

higher-level body must be informed.

Management by Objectives aims to ensure that subordinate

Functions Have freedom in achieving their goals. It will only

the goal, the desired result, is agreed and it is established at

which deviations from the plan or the goal are informed

got to. This means that motivation and responsibility stay where they are

belongs, namely with the implementing body. Nevertheless it remains

for the success or failure decisive information to the higher

Management received.

In many companies, management is responsible for personal contact

by wandering around

proven. The manager goes through everything - e.g. in the morning

Room and greets the staff. Theyou have without one

formal procedure the chance of any questions or complaints


get rid of and the manager sees face to face,

how people are doing.

Performance and working atmosphere

One of the first experiences any manager has is that

Expertise alone is not enough to be successful. In addition to professional competence

Above all, social skills are necessary. Everywhere they have

To do with people, it is human, as the saying goes. In the private sector

the human component is even more important. What use

about the knowledge of the mother when the children do not like to be with her

are together.

Work environments where management embraces humanity and

Questions of fact and content are equally highly emphasized and are characterized by

very good working atmosphere and high performance.

However, the motivation to perform can be very different