Who is better Aguero or Suarez

Sergio Aguero: "we are both Messi"

Manchester. Manchester City's Sergio Aguero claims he and Luis Suarez are the Premier League messis. The Argentine is just as big a fan of Barcelona's Lionel Messi as he is of Luis Suarez, whose team from Liverpool fights City in one of the most exciting title races in years.

Aguero and Suarez have been dubbed "Ronaldo and Messi" of the English top division, but the former Atletico Madrid star prefers to be compared to his compatriot. He said FourFourTwo: "Instead of Messi and Ronaldo, I would rather say that we are both Messi. I mean, I have to be Messi because I'm Argentine. And Luis is also South American, likes to dribble. So why can't we both be Messi?"

Trust in Messi

Aguero is hoping that Messi can lead his home country to the title at the World Cup in neighboring Brazil. "He's spectacular and makes it easier for everyone else. It's a privilege to play alongside the best footballer in the world," he added. "He solves problems on the pitch before anyone can think about them. He can be an important part of winning the World Cup," said Aguero.

The coming months will most likely be extremely exciting for him, as he is hunting for trophies both in the league and with the national team. The 25-year-old does not want to set any priorities and also denies that the World Cup is particularly important because it will be held at home in South America. "First of all, I want to end the season well with City and be in good physical shape for Brazil," he said.

"I wouldn't say it's special because it's in South America. Brazil is always our big rival. But to compete in a World Cup is a nice thing. You have to take advantage of that if you have the chance," said Aguero. Without further ado, he admitted: "I actually want to win everything."

The best season of your career?

Suarez, meanwhile, has reiterated that he is happy in Liverpool. He's heading towards the home stretch of what he himself describes as the best of his career. The former Ajax striker is in great shape and the Reds are surprisingly a title contender under Brendan Rodgers. Suarez's goals play a big part in helping them soar. The Uruguayan man confirms he's enjoying this season like no other.

When asked if it was the best season of his career, he replied: "I think so. I feel really good, physically and mentally."

"I feel better every day at this club and I hope it will continue like this because we want to go to the Champions League with Liverpool. Personally, I want to continue with Uruguay at the World Cup as well," said Suarez.


Suarez's Liverpool years have been overshadowed by inglorious episodes. In 2011 he was suspended for eight games for racially insulting Manchester United's Patrice Evra. Last season he was suspended for ten games after biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic.

It would be easy to argue that the good season is the redress for his past misconduct. He himself believes that several factors come together. "Maybe I want to pay something back. But it's also just the perfect time for me." Suarez said, "I'm 27, at the zenith. I'm in the right place." So for Aguero they are both Messi.

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