What's the last thing you memorized

The advantages of those who have learned the Koran by heart, in this world and in the hereafter

Praise be to Allah ..


Memorizing the Koran is an act of worship through which the person hopes for the face of Allah and the reward in the hereafter. Without this intention he is not entitled to any wages, rather he is punished for having worshiped someone other than Allah - the mighty and mighty.

The one who has memorized the Koran must not intend to gain worldly advantages by memorizing it, since memorization is not a commodity with which one can trade in this world, rather it is a worship service that one is blessed and exalted by his master Dedicated.

Allah - exalted is chosen - the one who has learned the Koran by heart for peculiarities in this and the hereafter. This includes:

1. He is preferred to all others in prayer as an imam.

Abu Mas'ud Al-Ansari reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The one who knows (memorized) the most about Allah's book should pray for the people, but if they know about the Koran are the same, then the one who knows the most about the Sunnah, but if they are the same in the Sunnah, then the one who is most likely (earliest) to emigrate, but if they are the same in terms of emigration, then the one who has been Muslim the longest. And the man is not allowed to pray in front of another man or sit in his seat in the territory of another man (e.g. in his house), except with his permission. "

Narrated by Muslim (673).

'Abdullah bin' Umar reported: “When the first emigrants (the first group) came to Quba, even before the Messenger of Allah-peace and blessings of Allah came to him- Salim Maula Abi Hudhaifa led the prayer. And he was the one who memorized the most of the Koran. "

Narrated by Al-Bukhari (660).

2. It is He who is placed in the grave before anyone else on the side of the direction of prayer when we are compelled to bury him with others.

Jabir Ibn 'Abdillah - may Allah be satisfied with both - reported that the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - always had two men buried together in one robe for those killed in the battle of Uhud. Then he said, "Which of them has learned the most from the Koran?" Then when one of them was shown, he preferred it to the funeral and said, "I will be your witness on the day of the resurrection." to bury their blood without washing them or praying for them. "

Narrated by Al-Bukhari (1278).

3. He is preferred for guidance if he can bear to take it upon himself.

'Amir Ibn Wathila reported that Nafi' Ibn 'Abdil Harith' Umar met in 'Usfan, and' Umar used to appoint him as governor in Mecca, saying, "Who did you appoint over the people of the valley?" Ibn Abza. ”He asked:“ And who is Ibn Abza? ”He replied:“ One of our released slaves. ”He further asked:“ So did you put a released slave over them? ”He said:“ He knows Allah's book - the mighty and mighty - and has knowledge of the right of inheritance. "'Umar then said:" Verily, your Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - has already said: "Allah will lift up peoples and humiliate others with this book. ““

Narrated by Muslim (817).

And in the hereafter:

4. The position of the one who has memorized the Quran is on the last verse that he memorized.

'Abdullah bin' Amr reported that the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: “The Companion of the Koran is told:“ Read, climb up and recite as you used to recite in this world, for your position is there at the last verse that you memorized. ""

Narrated from At-Tirmidhi (2914) who said: "A good and authentic hadith"; and Al-Albani said in “Saheeh At-Tirmidhi”, no. 2329: “good and authentic”, and at Abu Dawud (1464).

5. He will be a companion to the angels in their homes.

'Aisha reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The one who reads the Koran and has memorized it will be with the noble, righteous writers (angels), and the one who reads it and himself obliged to him, although it is difficult for him (to read), he is entitled to two wages. "

Narrated by Al-Bukhari (4653) and Muslim (798).

6. He is clothed with the crown and robe of honor.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: “The Qur'an will come on the day of the resurrection and say,“ My Lord, clothe him! ”So he will be clothed with the crown of honor, then he says : "My Lord, give him more." So he is dressed in the robe of honor. Then he says: "My Lord, be satisfied with him." So He will be satisfied with him and he (the one who was dressed) will be told: "Read, go up and for every verse you will get one more good deed."

Narrated by At-Tirmidhi (2915) who said: "This is a good and authentic hadeeth." And Al-Albani said in "Saheeh At-Tirmidhi", No. 2328: "Good."

7. The Koran will intercede for him with his Lord.

Abu Umama Al-Bahili said that he heard the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - say: “Read the Quran, for he will come on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for his Companions. Reads Az-Zahrawain: Al-Baqara and Aal 'Imran, for they will come on the Day of Resurrection as if they were two clouds, or shadows, or two flocks of birds in rows that will pray for their companions. Read Surah Al-Baqara, because to learn it is a blessing, to let go of it is a grief and the magicians cannot defy it. "

Narrated by Muslim (804) and Al-Bukhari as mu'allaq.


As far as his relatives and descendants are concerned, evidence has been handed down about their parents that they are dressed in two robes for which this world and what is on it cannot provide. This is only because they took care of their child and taught it. Even if they are ignorant, Allah will honor them through him. But whoever has kept his child from the Koran and has forbidden him to do so is one of those who is denied this.

Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: “The Qur'an will come like a thin man on the Day of Resurrection and tell his companion,“ Do you know me? I'm the one who kept you up in the nights and made you thirsty in the midday heat. And every trader strives for his trade, but today you are the greatest trader. ”So rule is given to him in the right hand and eternity in the left hand and he is crowned with the crown of dignity. His parents are dressed in robes, for the value of which this world and what is on it cannot pay. They will then say, “O our Lord, how did we get this?” They are told: “By teaching your child the Koran.”

Narrated by At-Tabarani in “Al-Ausat” (6/51).

And Buraida - may Allah be pleased with him - reported that the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: "Whoever reads the Koran, learns and acts according to it, his parents will be crowned with crowns of light on the day of resurrection, whose light is like sunlight. In addition, they are dressed in a robe whose value cannot be grasped in this world, so they say: "What are we dressed with it for?" It is said: "Because you taught your child the Koran."

Narrated by Al-Haakim (1/756).

Both hadiths strengthen each other. See: "As-Silsila As-Sahiha" (2829).

And Allah knows best.