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SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedo successfully tested

ATLAS Elektronik, a subsidiary of thyssenKrupp Marine Systems, has successfully tested the SeaSpider torpedo defense system in sea trials in cooperation with the Defense Technology Service for Ships and Naval Weapons, Maritime Technology and Research (WTD 71). On the test boat Helmsand of the WTD 71, the complete function chain “Sensor to Shooter” of the hardkill surface ship torpedo defense system with torpedo detection, classification and localization (TDCL) and the SeaSpider Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo (ATT) had to prove itself under operational conditions.

The test setup with active and passive sensors, the TCDL and the surface cannon for the SeaSpider was installed on the decks of the Helmsand. ATT SeaSpider prototypes of the third generation were used for the tests.

To simulate the threat, the WTD 71 used an AUV derived from an Mk37 torpedo and torpedoes of the DM2A3 type. Both were recognized and localized with passive and active TDCL. The associated data were used to start the SeaSpider.

The SeaSpider has captured the threats and focused on the closest point of approach (CPA). Successful "Intercept" equivalent CPA were verified by acoustic and optical means.

After the full evaluation of the study results in 2018, information and images of the studies have now been released for approval.

Independently of the joint tests with the WTD 71, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK carries out a self-financed development of the SeaSpider ATT up to series production. This includes the "Surface Ship Torpedo Defense Suite" for reconnaissance and fire control, including the SeaSpider, which is continuously adapted to the state of development of the defense torpedo.

Gerhard Heiming