Why is my computer so desperately slow

Windows PC suddenly becomes slow?

Starting up for minutes, delayed reactions: It can really drive you to despair when the computer paralyzes. There are many different causes that can make the computer slow, so the hope should not be given up from the outset that you can get the lame computer working again.

During an error analysis, PC Service Doppler checks whether there is a software problem or whether computer and server systems can be upgraded with powerful hardware. We advise you whether a new purchase would make more economic sense.

What is making your computer slow? - Computer problems we can fix:

  1. Computer virus
    Viruses and Trojans can slow down or block your computer.
  2. Spyware
    Spyware (a combination of spy, the English word for spy, and -ware as the ending of software, i.e. programs for the computer; in German, for example, spyware, spy software or sniffing software) is usually software, the data of a computer user without his knowledge or consent to the manufacturer of the software (Call Home), to third parties or is used to offer products to the user via advertisements.
  3. Popup problems
    Are there any ads, redirects, or pop-up boxes? Pop-up windows (also known simply as pop-ups) are windows that appear automatically and without your consent. Their size differs from case to case, but they usually do not cover the entire screen.
  4. Hard drive failure
    Hard drive problems can prevent the system from starting or run very slowly.
  5. Defective hardware
    Defective hardware, such as a motherboard, can cause the PC to work slowly.
  6. Faulty operating system
    Our technicians repair Windows operating system errors that can cause slow performance.
  7. Registration / software failure
    Software can also be the reason when a computer system works slowly.
  8. Crash software
    Incompatible applications can affect the functionality and speed of the computer.
  9. Obsolete system
    Computers need a little maintenance - and every now and then a makeover. That is why it is important to carry out regular software updates.
  10. Overheated system
    So that the heavily used technology does not overheat, fans are built into every computer. Like a fan, they cool the modules, which have a lot of computing power. However, prolonged or incorrect use can affect the fan, causing the computer to heat up and work more slowly.


PC Service Doppler repairs your slow computer

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