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Learn Spanish online - German / Spanish

Learn Spanish quickly and easily with the free Spanish course from "50 languages"

It's really worth it to have one Spanish course to make and Spanish as a foreign language to learn! The Spanish language is one of the great world languages. It is used far beyond its original language area. Back then, Spanish spread to the New World through the conquest of America. Today it is the dominant language, especially in Central and South America!

There are currently about 388 million people speaking around the world Spanish as a mother tongue. Of these, around 45 million live in the United States alone. In addition to Spain, Spanish is also spoken in Mexico. Spanish is also the mother tongue in much of Central and South America. The 200 million Brazilians also understand Spanish quite well. The linguistic proximity to Portuguese is very great. Incidentally, Spanish is one of the Romance languages. The language arose from the spoken Latin of late antiquity. The Romance languages ​​also include Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. Many words in these languages ​​are similar and therefore easier to learn. You can find interesting information about the language and culture of Spain at the Spanish cultural institute Instituto Cervantes.

Learn Spanish for beginners with book2 by "50 languages"

In addition to the classic language course, nowadays you learn languages ​​mainly online or on the go. The project book2 ("books in 2 languages") from "50 languages" has been working on a groundbreaking idea for many years: We want to give as many people as possible worldwide free access to foreign languages! Even traditional language courses are usefully complemented by our free learning materials.

"Learn Spanish for Beginners" is just one of over 50 language packages that we offer. All teaching materials are available both online and as iPhone and Android apps. In 100 thematically structured and simply structured lessons you can learn the new language very quickly. The free MP3 audio files were spoken by native Spanish speakers. They help you learn pronunciation correctly. Beginners can get through book2 with practical sentences from everyday situations Learning Spanish. Advanced students can repeat and consolidate what they have learned. Because you only learn correct, frequently spoken sentences and can apply them immediately.

Learn German-Spanish with the "50 languages" apps

The "50 languages" app is the ideal companion for everyone who continues offline Learning Spanish want. They are available for iPhone / iPad or Android phone and tablet. The apps contain 30 completely free lessons from the book2-German-Spanish program. Of course, additional tests and educational games are also included. The free audio files from book2 are part of our Spanish language course.

Printed accompanying material - book2 German-Spanish for beginners

Many would like to use printed materials when learning Spanish. For them there is from the book2 Series of the German-Spanish language course for beginners also in book form. You can get it at any good bookstore or online from Amazon.

book2 German-Spanish for beginners
ISBN-13 (EAN-13): 9783938141106 / ISBN-10: 3938141107

Learn Spanish online - fast, free and easy with book2 by "50 languages"

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