What medicinal plant did you eat?

BioTOP 3, textbook

B 1 The real chamomile B 2 The sage B 3 The basil B 4 The thyme 90 Herbs and spices The use of herbs and spices has a long tradition. The trade and use of spices is already reported on cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia (around 300 BC). Spices have a very characteristic taste of their own. They get this taste largely from the essential oils that are stored in the plant cells. A medicinal plant is a plant that can be used to alleviate certain diseases due to its content of certain active ingredients. The real chamomile The flowers of the real chamomile, a medicinal plant, are colored white and yellow ( B 1). You can distinguish it from the dog chamomile by the hollow, cone-shaped flower basket. Like the daisy, the real chamomile is a daisy family. The sage and the basil You already got to know the special pollination mechanism of the meadow sage on page 76. The sage belongs to the dead nettle family. You can recognize it by the hollow, square stem axes and by its lip flowers ( B 2). The lip flower consists of an upper lip made up of two fused petals and a lower lip made up of three fused petals. Sage is not only used in the kitchen as a spice, but also as a medicinal herb in the treatment of colds, hoarseness and gastrointestinal complaints. The basil is also a dead nettle family and is between 20 cm and half a meter high. The leaves are used as seasoning for dishes. They are egg-shaped and have short stems ( B 3). The basil is particularly used in Italian cuisine. It was also used as a medicinal plant for diseases of the urinary organs, stomach and intestinal complaints and migraines. The thyme The thyme grows as a low shrub. Its leaves are harvested and dried before flowering ( B 4). The thyme comes from the Mediterranean area. It can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, both fresh and dried. As a medicinal plant, it is used for colds. The real celery The real celery belongs to the umbelliferae. The flowers of the flower stand (umbel) together form an umbrella that can be seen from afar. The real celery is also called Zeller in Austria. It has been eaten for thousands of years. Worksheet 5d482f For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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