What are the best AA rechargeable batteries

AA battery comparison 2021

There are several factors to consider when buying an AA battery.

To the main points counting:

  • Voltage in volts
  • Capacity in mAh
  • Pack size
  • Price per piece
  • Battery system
  • Protective functions

2.1. Voltage and self-discharge significantly influence the battery quality

AA batteries supply your wireless, technical devices with energy.

If you want to convert to AA batteries, you should take a close look at their voltage. In the majority of models, it ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 volts per cell. An AA battery with 1.5 volts is recommended for devices that require a lot of energy.

However, it is not just voltage and capacity that determine how long the accumulator will do its job. Self-discharge also plays a key role. The more often the battery discharges, the more often you will need to recharge it.

We at BILD.de advise you to fast-charging accumulators to buy. It is also important to avoid products with a memory effect. Here, the battery remembers the energy that it has given up to date in the event of several partial discharges. If you remove the AA battery from the charger when it is 2/3 charged, the energy level will be saved.

As a result, he no longer provides all of his energy, but is limited to that actual useful energy. If you need the full capacity at a later point in time, the battery will be discharged prematurely.

Fast charging batteries are well suited to prevent partial discharges due to long waiting times. Alternatively, opt for one AA battery charger with charge indicator. If you see that the charge level of the AA battery is 2/3, you should be patient. The same applies if the AA battery has 1/2 charging strips.

tip: AA battery comparisons recommend buying AA batteries with lithium. These only discharge slowly. Accordingly, they supply the end devices with energy for a long time. Which AA batteries pass your test depends largely on which devices you want to equip with the energy storage devices.

2.2. Li-Ion batteries or NiMH batteries - there are several categories to choose from

AA batteries are available in different price categories and pack sizes.

If you want to buy a cheap AA battery, you can choose between several types. The rechargeable energy storage devices are not only practical, they also save you money in the long run.

After all, a battery can be used up to 2,000 times recharge with new energy. As a result, these batteries cause less waste than batteries, for example. The providers note this rechargeability with the term “rechargeable” on the packaging.

The nickel-metal hydride battery is one of the AA battery types. This is mainly suitable for Devices that need to be charged more often. These include, for example, the cordless telephone or the digital camera. NiMH batteries are also an excellent choice for electrical tools.

Compared to the nickel-cadmium battery, this model is more environmentally friendly. However, he has one with 25 percent per month comparatively high self-discharge on. Accordingly, it may be necessary to recharge the batteries frequently.

AA battery tests do not recommend using these batteries for fire alarms. Although NiMH batteries can cope better with deep discharge than Li-Ion batteries, AA batteries with lithium are better suited for devices that have to be operated safely over a long period of time. They have a low self-discharge. On average, they only lose four percent of their energy every month. You can also get the mignon cells in different versions. These differ in the capacity density.

Mainly with products with a high energy density, a short circuit and a high level of heat may develop. Therefore, you should consider using and disposing of them to act with caution. The following overview shows you the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries:

  • Well suited for portable devices due to the high energy density
  • low self-discharge
  • no memory effect
  • if handled incorrectly, there is a risk of short circuits
  • Incorrect disposal leads to environmental damage due to the toxins it contains

Do you need an AA battery with 1.5 volts? The lithium polymer battery, or LiPo battery for short, offers a combination of flexibility and high performance. This is a Further development of the Li-Ion battery. A solid polymer base is used in production. This means that the formats are significantly more flexible than with classic accumulators.

Furthermore, the models a light weight on. For example, they are used in model making. A LiPo battery is also used in mobile phones because it promises extraordinary energy performance. Its self-discharge is between four and five percent. The disadvantage is a high susceptibility to overcharging and deep discharge. Both can quickly damage the battery.