Can i say good day at night

02.10.2012, 12:56:44
I would just like to briefly like to know which evasive structures you use to greet someone at night. My feeling for the language is that German has no form of greeting that can be used at night. All other times of the day can be incorporated into a greeting with "Good morning / noon / afternoon / day / evening". But if you want to say "good night", it is only the farewell formula or a good night greeting, as the name suggests. ;)
How do you solve the problem? I use "good evening" (even after one o'clock yesterday) or "good morning" again, depending on how it suits me.
What about the history of the formula, was it also used to greet you in the past?
Thank you and best regards,
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28.10.2012, 14:45:32
"Guten Tag" is actually not part of my active linguistic usage, I always say "Hello" or, if it can be more informal, "Hi", that's why this question wouldn't even occur to me ... but I know that German learners do often get it wrong and use "Gute Nacht" as a greeting ... I just browsed a bit in the Grimm dictionary (, under "nacht" and then "6) Good night!" and under "Nachtgrusz". There are tons of usage examples, but none that use "Gute Nacht" as a greeting. So, if that ever happened, it was probably before Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.