What is the best budget SSD

The best SSDs of 2019

Birgit Götz, Jim Martin

An SSD can get an old PC or laptop going again and make a new one even faster. Introducing: The best SSDs you can buy this year.

EnlargeSSDs are becoming more and more the standard

Solid-state drives (SSD), like hard drives, are non-volatile data storage devices, but, as the name suggests, they have no moving parts. So they are not only more robust than hard disk drives (HDD), but also much, much faster.

Yes, you can copy huge files to an SSD in record time, but it's your PC's quick load times and responsiveness that will amaze you most: applications launch almost instantly, web pages load faster, and Windows just feels much better performing .

Our English colleagues have put together a selection of high-performance SSDs for 2019 and rated each model with up to five points (5 points = highly recommended).

Corsair Force Series MP510

5 points

The Corsair MP510 (44 euros for 240 GB, 254 euros for 1 TB) is an SSD that offers everything you could want: lots of memory, a long service life and a good price-performance ratio. NVMe PCIe cards used to be expensive and had little storage capacity. It's over now.

The offer: Corsair Fore Series MP510

Kingston KC2000

4.5 points

Compared to the previous version, the KC2000 (58 euros for 240 GB, 194 euros for 1 TB) is impressive and is very close to Samsung and Corsair in terms of performance.

Anyone who switches from SATA will experience an enormous boost in performance. Choosing a PCI NVMe drive ultimately depends on speed and cost. The KC2000 is almost as fast as the competition, but cheaper

Despite a write speed of 3,000 fps, more IOPs (input / output operations per second) and an even larger TBW (Total Bytes Written), the KC2000 cannot quite outperform the Corsair MP510.

The offer: Kingston KC2000

Crucial MX500

4.5 points

If you don't use the Crucial MX500 (around 40 euros for 250 GB, 111 euros for 1 TB) for editing 4K video every day or need a 4 TB device, the MX500 offers a near-perfect combination of price and performance.

The models with more storage capacity not only offer a lower price per GB, but also a longer lifespan.

The offer: Crucial MX500

Samsung 970 Evo Plus

4.5 points

The Samsung 970 Evo Plus (around 75 euros for 250 GB, 214 euros for 1 TB) is faster than the 970 Evo, but costs even less at 250 GB and with a capacity of 1 TB is only slightly above the price of the Evo 970. In terms of speed, it is one of the fastest SSDs available.

However, the Corsair MP510 and Kingston KC1000 are cheaper and better value for money when you don't need the maximum performance.

The offer: Samsung 970 Evo Plus

4.5 points

The WD Black SN750 (75 euros for 250 GB, around 204 euros for 1 TB) cannot quite compete with the Corsair MP510, but it is a powerful M.2 SSD with capacities of up to 2 TB.

The offer: WD Black SN750

WD Blue 3D Nand

4.5 points

The WD Blue 3D Nand (45 euros for 250 GB, 120 euros for 1 TB) could be one of the last SATA SSDs before NVMe supplanted SATA. This product has once again been significantly improved compared to the previous SSD.

Excellent overall performance combined with a competitive price makes this SSD interesting for everyone who still wants or needs SATA.

The offer: WD Blue 3D Nand

Samsung 860 Evo

4.5 points

If you have an NVMe PCI M.2 port in your system, the 960 Evo from Samsung is recommended. For everyone else, the SATA version Samsung 860 Evo (63 euros for 250 GB, 136 euros for 1 TB) is a very good choice.
It is not significantly faster than its predecessor, but it has a significantly longer lifespan.

The offer: Samsung 860 Evo