How do I find another metalhead

What do metalheads fall in love with ???


Peter's Dick

How silly is that? Some call it superficial ...

If you mean 🙄

What should I, for example, with a buddy with whom I almost always remain silent because we no longer know what to talk about?
I have nothing of that either.

Besides, I don't say:
"You don't hear my music, I don't want anything to do with you"
Only if I don't know what to talk about, because music is the number one topic for me and not for him, then it doesn't make much sense to go out with him every weekend.
What does that have to do with superficial?

Or do you regularly go out with people who run out of topics to talk about after half an hour and then the big silence follows, but the main thing is not superficial, or how do I have to understand that now?

(The same can be applied to both buddies and girlfriends).

I have friends who listen to metal as well as pop and hip hop. Just because you don't have the same taste in music doesn't mean you can't talk about music. What do I mean by superficial? Just because you're a metal fan, you don't have any topics to talk about anymore? Why is it? Is being a metalhead something extraordinary? If you had just written that you hardly have any contact because people are not developing any further, then I would not have written anything. But because you wrote it in connection with music, it comes across as very superficial to me.
In any case, I gave up this thinking a long time ago. I know people who are only active in the metal scene and don't want any “non-metal people” in their group. I can only shake my head at such nonsense.


By the way, that's another thing I've always wanted to do besides becoming a boxer: hanging around in a clothing store. I wanted to be one of those guys who open the door and say >> Condolences << (Charles Bukowski)