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Training or study?

As if the abistress wasn't enough: In addition to exams and the fact that a phase of life is ending, you should also deal as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible with what you want to do next. You may have asked yourself the question “training or studies?” (Several times) - and you may not have been able to answer it yet. After all, both forms of training have their advantages and disadvantages and there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”.

What you ultimately decide for or whether you look for another path depends heavily on your personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences. Sometimes pragmatism is added, for example when it comes to the factors money, place of residence or NC. Another gut feeling is not to be underestimated: Sometimes White you just what feels right. But that doesn't mean that a gut feeling should replace thorough research! That's why you're here after all, so let's start with the advantages and disadvantages of both training paths.

We will introduce you to the most important points in advance for a quick overview, but it is also worth reading our detailed information.

University tip


Would you like to study dual studies and be independent of time and place? Then find the right distance learning course at the IU Dual Studies. Regardless of which specialist area you choose - theory and everyday work alternate here. All details are available via the info button.