How do I develop good architectural concepts

Designing architecture: How to find ideas & concepts for your designs [1/3]

This blog post is part of the 3-part series "Designing Architecture"

  1. This is how I approach design projects
  2. 9 steps to the best idea for your architectural design
  3. Hold on to ideas, bundle them, develop them further

Designing is a process in which you also have to deal with frustration and setbacks

If you haven't worked on design projects that often, it is sometimes difficult to find the right design concept for a new semester project. Designing is a process that you get to know in the course of your studies and that you try out over and over again. Not only do different paths lead to Rome, but also from the task to the best ideas for your design.

In my 3-part series of articles I would like to introduce you to some techniques that are very typical for me. They are not “creativity techniques”, but my methods for a structured work process. I'll tell you what I get my creativity from in another blog post ...

Until I found these methods, I had to live with frustration, tension and stupid comments from my professors and tutors. With a lot of practice and growing knowledge, I experienced a sense of achievement in the course of my architecture studies.
If things are not going well for you, don't be discouraged and learn from your mistakes!

My most important tip in advance: Listen carefully when tutors or professors give you feedback on your draft. You don't always have to do what they say, but you should always have a very, very, […] very good reason for doing it differently. Argue objectively and recognize when your arguments are not so good after all.

"Architecture is based on three principles: Firmitas (Strength, stability), Utilitas (Expediency, usefulness) and Venustas (Grace, beauty).“
- Vitruvius, Roman architect

Design architecture

My goal is to create designs that consciously refer to context, the necessary Functions optimally meet a harmonious and high-contrastlayout and these can also be found in construction and Materiality reflects. All aspects are closely interlinked and (from my point of view) necessary for "Good architecture". So when I come up with ideas, I try to take their interactions into account.

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In the second part of this series of articles, I'll give you my best tips for designing architecture.