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Success guaranteed: Entrepreneurial thinking and acting as important soft skills

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting forms the basis for every business success. As an entrepreneur, your decisions are decisive for the success of your company. Making smart decisions, acting decisively and planning with foresight are just as much a part of the skills of an entrepreneur as the ability to self-reflect and develop personally. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is not only required in the executive suite, but also in employee life. You can find out how to acquire the soft skills in the following article.

The essentials in brief:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is one of the personal skills that define an entrepreneur. Self-management, flexibility and credibility are also included.
  • With the help of special methods and techniques, you can train your decision-making skills and develop your entrepreneurial strengths.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is now a prerequisite for many senior management positions.
  • Not only entrepreneurs, but also employees in management positions benefit from these skills.

Requirements for entrepreneurial thinking and acting

An entrepreneur should have numerous technical, methodological and social skills that he uses every day to advance his own company. Be it communication skills during employee appraisals or the use of decision-making techniques for developing corporate strategy: Your own soft skills are aimed at building up the company further.

The most important soft skills for entrepreneurial thinking and acting:

  1. Self-management: You can only do this in relation to your company if you are able to use your own resources sensibly. Time management therefore plays an important role in self-management.
  2. Self-reflection: In order to be able to make meaningful decisions, you must be able to reflect on your thoughts and actions. This ability is essential for entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
  3. Decision-making ability and willingness to take risks: Every decision carries the risk of being wrong. If you don't take chances as an entrepreneur, you will likely be quickly overtaken by the competition. A healthy level of willingness to take risks is therefore promising.

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting for employees

If you have previously been employed as an employee, you may be asked why you should acquire soft skills in entrepreneurial thinking and acting. These only seem particularly important if you want to set up your own company. But even as an employee, you benefit from the strengths of the entrepreneurial mindset. You can develop into a highly valued employee who approaches work in a time-efficient, profitable and self-reflective manner. Opportunities for advancement are not excluded.

The company's success comes first

For the entrepreneur, the concerns and goals of the entire company are the focus of work and always have priority over the individual interests of departments or employees. All decisions are aimed at ensuring that the company develops positively.

This is to ensure that the company can withstand the demands of the future. This comprehensive view of the big picture ensures, among other things, that priorities are set sensibly and promisingly.

If you, for example as the head of a marketing department, also have the company's goals in mind, it will be easier for you to make the right decisions and to be able to justify them in front of your team.

This is how you develop your entrepreneurial skills

As with all soft skills, it is possible to specifically promote your entrepreneurial skills. For self-taught people or as a source of information, numerous books, videos and podcasts on personal development are available. These are particularly suitable for acquiring basic knowledge, gaining an overview of techniques and methods or discovering helpful tips and tricks.

In addition to the methods and skills that support you in your self-development, technical knowledge also play an important role. Only those who understand the business context are able to make good decisions. Comprehensive business administration knowledge and industry-specific knowledge form the basis for successfully making far-reaching decisions with the help of proven techniques.

In addition to studying business administration, there are numerous further training courses with which you can acquire or deepen the relevant specialist knowledge. COMCAVE supports you in a free consultation in choosing a suitable course.

In a nutshell: Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

If you want to think and act like an entrepreneur in the future, you should train the necessary soft skills such as self-management and decision-making skills and supplement them with business thinking and acting. It is best to first get an overview of your current skills and then begin to develop your skills in a targeted manner.

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2021-03-102021-05-04Entrepreneurial thinking and acting forms the basis for every business success. As an entrepreneur, your decisions are decisive for the success of your company. Making smart decisions, acting decisively and planning with foresight are just as much a competency of an entrepreneur as the ability to self-reflect and to develop personally. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is [...]